Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shattered Dreams

Photo courtesy of  Magpie Tales
It was a house like any other in this quiet, upper-class, suburban neighborhood...or so it would appear.  With fresh paint and new cedar shingles, it nearly glows as the evening sun dips low in the sky.  On the inside, the setting is spacious and elegant.  It exudes a kind of an old world charm with furnishings from across the globe.  However, in the fall as the trees lose their leaves and the moon is full, the house takes on a different air.  If you look through the windows you may see an eerie glow moving around the room.  It lasts but a few minutes, and then disappears as if snuffed out.

The house was built some 75 years ago by a wealthy man for his young bride.  It was built from the finest materials that money could buy.  The furniture was custom made in England, and was shipped over by freighter, along with china and crystal.  There were Persian rugs upon the polished oak floors and chandeliers that sparkled like a thousand diamonds.  It was a dream come true for the young woman, for her life with her handsome husband to be lived out here.  They would throw lavish parties, raise beautiful children and grow old together here.  

However, fate is cruel, and on a trip to purchase yet more trinkets for his lovely wife, the train he was riding violently derailed.  The cars were nothing but twisted steel and mangled bodies beneath the fullness of the moon.  At home, his bride awaited his return with a candle upon her desk by the window.  All night she waited, alone and worried.  She had received no word, and knew not of the wreck.  The next day a telegram was delivered.  The terse message conveyed only the barest details of the accident, and that her husband was among the dead.  

Clutching the telegram, she sobbed uncontrollably and staggered up the stairs.  She had almost reached the landing when, in her grief, she missed the last step and tumbled back down the steps.  As she lay at there in her last moments of life, her mind returned to the past night when her husband was still coming home to her.  Each fall, around the time of her death, when the moon is full, her candle can be seen as she wanders through the house waiting for him to come home.

After the death of the young couple, the house was sold, fully furnished.  The new owners and their children and grandchildren have lived in harmony with the former resident.

Written for Magpie Tales #29.


  1. I LOVED reading this. What an awesome story!!! Sad, cool and creepy. I have always wondered if I could live in a house with a ghost...

  2. Awww! This broke my heart because when she died so tragically, I really hoped they might be reunited and he might appear to her. I'm happy the new owners accepted her presence. Awesome tale, Linda!

  3. tragic tale, may they both rest in the shadows of the home they loved together...bkm

  4. yes, fate was cruel but the ending gave a sort of closure. i did enjoy the mysterious, sort of eery end, the story had to it: when the moon is full, her candle can be seen as she wanders through the house waiting for him to come home.
    well done, great writing once again :)

  5. Hi Linda,

    What a captivating story. It gave me the chills. Fabulous writing.

    I, too, hoped it would have a happy ending, but I guess in a way it does since the new owners live in harmony with the ghost.

  6. Great tale! I loves these kinds of stories. Now I have to go back and read your whole blog to get caught up. You are killing my time management I set up!! BAD on you! ;)

  7. I liked your story, there are so many ways it could have gone....good job.

  8. Katherine- I am so glad you liked it. Living with a ghost, I don't know either...

    Talon- Thank you. There were several ways this could go, but this is where it took me.

    signed..bkm- Amen.

    Sezaaay- I'm glad you like it. It was my first ghost story.

    Barbara- Thank you. I'm glad you like it. Not the normal happy ending for sure.

    Don- Thank you for your kind comment, and the warm welcome to ExposeYourBlog.

    annell- Thank you, and yes, there were a lot of different ways it could go.

    ninotaziz- Indeed!

  9. There's nothing finer than a charming and hospitable ghost. This is an engaging tale, to be sure.

  10. and now i have to try to go to bed...wonder if i will see her in teh window....wonderful magpie...i was gripped...

  11. Excellent piece. In reality, Willow Manor is haunted by the spirits of several tragic deaths.

  12. A perfectly woven tale of love and loss and haunting memories!

  13. This gave me the chills too, Linda; both times I read it. I love happy ending... half ta admit. But I also enjoy the dramatic endings. There's a rawness that leaves you wanting.

  14. Tumblewords- Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

    Brian Miller- Thank you, glad you found it gripping.

    Willow- Thanks. You live in a haunted house?

    Cat Lady- Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

    Fireblossom- Me too.

    Davina- I'm so glad you enjoyed this. I like to write in a variety of styles. The magpies give me a chance to try.

  15. so sad, but sweet in a strange kind of way. they both loved each other so much. well written and engaging tale.

  16. Ghosts can be so intriguing ... as is your Magpie!

  17. Such a fascinating read!!
    Scary and sad...but so beautifully written! I was in the moment!! Could almost see the candle moving around... eeee

  18. Patience- Thank you. It was sad and tragic. Those things just aren't supposed to happen.

    Helen- I've never met a ghost, have you?

    kavisionz- Thanks, I'm glad I could make it feel real.


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