Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nature's Ballet

Written for One Shot Wednesday

Dry and crinkled with age
Swirling down
to dance across the lawn
like tiny ballerinas


  1. That is so pretty! I can just smell the autumn when I read this and feel the wind! The leaves do look like ballerinas. Lovely, Linda.

  2. love the reference to ballerinas...lovely...bkm

  3. A beautiful way with words and creating that word picture of a fall dance.

    Thank you so much for joining us at One Shot Wednesday.

  4. The good side of me:
    I think this poem is sweet. Well written I do get the picture of the ballerinas as being old.

    The bad side of me:
    I'm going to have to tell the wife. I can't burn that bag full of tiny ballerinas. I'm going to turn them loss and leaf blow them into that ladies yard next door to dance.

  5. You describe it perfectly. nice one.

  6. that was so well said,

    to dance across the lawn
    like tiny ballerinas

    thanks for sharing this with One Shot..cheers Pete

  7. I love fall! Thanks for the reminder.

  8. Talon- Thank you so much.

    Signedbkm- Thank you.

    Moondustwriter- Thank you. It was fun to participate in One Shot Wednesday.

    deak49- Thanks, and I won't tell where those extra leaves came from.

    anthonynorth- Thank you.

    Pete Marshall- Thank you.

  9. I've never liked fall very much (it leads right to winter & all that snow, you know!) - but I like the image this evokes. Maybe I won't curse too much when I see the leaves dancing.

  10. So nice - don't wonna think about autumn right now - but when summer is over - and I see the first leaves falling, I will remember your nice poem


  11. That a beautiful shot and poem. I had to think twice about what time of year it is, I almost forgot we're still in the middle of summer!

    Hope you're having a good week!

    - Margaret

  12. I can almost smell fall..thanks for sharing the dance!

  13. Here in New England, we enjoy the entire corps de ballet in the backyard. Until it's time to rake them, and then not so much.

    This is a lovely little poem.

  14. This was so magical, an enchanting piece on nature.
    Now I feel bad putting my little tiny ballerinas in the compost bin to be swirled around by earth worms.


    came by one stop poetry

  15. Just lovely.. but TOO SOON. Summer has just begun and I'm not going to let it go just yet. ;)

  16. simply warming
    a joy to read.


  17. Dustus- I love fall too, next to summer.

    The Bug- I love fall, but I think we all end up cursing the leaves occasionally.

    Claudia- I don't want to think about it yet either, but summer has been kicking our butts since early June.

    Margaret- Thank you. Around here it would be terribly hard to forget what time of year it is. See above comment.

    Soundoffreedom- It does have it's own scent, doesn't.

    PattiKen- There is a new performance every fall.

    joanny- Thank you. Aw, don't feel too bad. They'll live on in next year's ballerinas.

    Hilary- I'm not rushing summer along, but it's been Hot and Humid for weeks! See above comment.

    Jessie- Thank you!

  18. A lovely image-- well done!

  19. Mairmusic- Glad you liked it. Thank you for coming by.


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