Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blogging Blockage - More Ways to Get Inspired

List posts are an important part of the blogging culture.  Recently several excellent bloggers have put together list posts filled with tips for minimizing the effects of the seasonal decline in readership, and keeping the creative juices flowing during a drought.  So now I'm sharing my list of inspirational tactics.

  1. Take a shower.  The shower is a peaceful place, and the solitude of the running water can totally block out all distractions and let you think, uninterrupted for a good 15 minutes, or right up until you accidentally slice the crap out of your leg with an errant swipe of a sharp implement.  Any coherent thought then goes right out the window, to be replaced by silent cursing of said sharp implement.
  3. Mow the yard.  Much the same principle as #1.  To provide thinking time where all other sounds are blocked out.  Just make sure to wear a headset if you tend to think out loud so the neighbors won't think you're talking to yourself.
  5. Pictures.  We all have tons of pictures on our computers now that cameras have gone digital and gigabytes are a dime a dozen.  Look through your pictures folder until something screams "I'm a post" to you.
  7. Take a nap.  No not literally, just lie down and let your mind wander over anything or nothing in particular.  Random thoughts will form and sometimes a post will emerge.  You might think of places you've been, experiences from your childhood, your courtship, or something funny that happened at the market last week.
  9. Cook.  If you like to cook, get into the kitchen and create a new dish.  Just start putting stuff together and see what you get.  Don't forget to document with pictures.  Remember, regardless of whether it's great or gross you can get a story out of it.
  11. Day trip.  Write about your last outing to the lake, a winery (these are some I've used), a trip to the zoo, or a week at the beach.  That way those of us who don't go anywhere can live vicariously through your post.  These also make great picture posts which means you don't have to do as much actual writing.
  13. Your pets.  Cats, dogs, birds and, of course, goats all make for good material.  This is where the video function on your camera comes in handy.  Show us Fluffy or Fido's latest antics.
  15. Go fictional.  Just make something up.  Write short stories, poetry, fantasy, a sci-fi thriller, a mystery, or whatever from your favorite genre.  Just don't write a novel - save that for the publisher.
  17. Document a DIY project or write a "how-to" article.  You know how to do something that others would find helpful.  Find that something, and let us know how it's done.
  19. List post.  If none of the above jump starts your blogging engine, by all means write your own list post.  


  1. Wonderful list, Linda, you've given us some really helpful advice here. I think I shall be trying out #4, nothing beats a few stolen moments of solitude and silence :)

  2. Hi Sam, thanks for the visit. I'm glad you found something helpful from my list.

  3. Linda,

    This was a great and practical list. I've used many of these tips. I also laughed all through this list.

    Under "Your pets," I loved the idea of the goat. And under "go fictional" I thought wise to add, "Just don't write a novel -- save that for the publisher."

    Then there was "Cook" and the line, "Remember, regardless of whether it's great or gross you can get a story out of it."

    You are really very funny and I enjoyed your list very much:~)

  4. A good one and probably one of the most important would probably just be to write how you feel in that moment, and share your experience. That is inspiration and truth in the making.

  5. I totally am agreeing with the one about poring over photos. Now that I've upped my photo size again I've been going through my old hard drive and pulling out pix that look good. I'm sure some will inspire poems!

    Also like the idea of therapeutic activities such as lawn mowing and cooking.

    And boy -- do I feel like a heel. I just realized I totally skipped over the comment you had left on my post about me drinking wine in the dinghy. It slipped in somehow with me not seeing it. Sorry! So off I go now to speak to your kind words.


  6. List posts are great when you have nothing else to write. I use them more and more frequently. The nice thing about list posts is that they are easy to write and readers like them because they aren't too long. Win-win. As for #1, I haven't had a peaceful shower since my kids learned how to walk. It seems I am a captive audience in the shower and that is where they corner me for money. Hardly peaceful when you are screaming through the door and over the water.

  7. Love the list, Linda! The humor sprinkled throughout makes it even better :)

  8. Hi Linda,

    I always seem to get great ideas when I'm in the shower. I'm tempted to get one of those waterproof dry erase boards so I don't forget the ideas.

    And yes, list posts are always a good way to get a post up when all else fails.

  9. What great ideas!!

    Sometimes I am so stumped! And then weeks will go by without writing anything. Then it becomes a vicious circle because I feel inadequate and boring and...I could go on and on!! lol

    Thanks so much. :)

  10. Sara- Thank you so much for your lovely comment. That was very sweet. I was pleased with how this post turned out.

    Ana- Tis true your own experiences make great posts. My #1 is from painful experience.

    Jannie- I've got a lot of pictures myself and use them often for inspiration.

    Jen- I'm sorry about your shower situation. No kids here, so showers are peaceful. If the door isn't latched, the cats do come in and hang out. Trouble is they can push through, but can't close it on their way out.

    This was my first list post, and I got a lot out of writing it myself. I've enjoyed everyone else's lists, I figured I should share my thoughts, too.

    Talon- Thank you. I am working on the humor aspect of my writing.

    Barbara- It's true that you can find great inspiration in the shower. Unless, of course, you have kids (see Jen's comment above). At least my cats are quiet.

    Marie- Thank you. I enjoyed putting this list together. I hope you find something helpful.

    Thank you all for visiting!

  11. These are all great tips. Whenever I am at a loss for words, I blog about my adventures with my Squeenager or the weird thoughts that circumnavigate my brain.

  12. Hi Jenny, thanks for visiting. I have thought of writing about some of my weird thoughts...maybe I'll give it a try.


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