Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Got Mice?

No?  We did, well "mouse singular", we hope.  We'd just gotten back from a walk after dinner, and I was sitting at my desk doing bloggy stuff when out of the corner of my eye I glimpsed movement.  Rosie was in fast forward behind something small, round and brown, that was, fortunately moving faster than he was.  Out of my mouth spewed “oh my Lord”, and instantly I was up, scrambling for a flashlight to squint behind the refrigerator.  Ah, there he is.  One beady little eye looking back at me.  He's so cute!  Yeah, I know this is a disease-ridden rodent just waiting for the chance to nibble his way through my cereal.  Yikes, that stuff’s expensive.  Gotta get rid of the mouse!

By the time hubby emerged from the reading room (you guys know what that is, right?), our furry guest had come out, and having caught the attention of yet another cat, was now cowering under the stove.  Do you see something wrong with this story, or more specifically, with this mouse?  We live with three cats, one of whom lived outside for years, supplementing his daily helping of cat chow with critter parts.  This poor lil' mouse wouldn't stand a chance.

After exhausting our available options, including trying to entice him into a bucket with some cat food, we gave up and went to bed, leaving the mouse ensconced in his hidey place under the stove.  He was apparently settling in for a life of leisure and all the kibble he could eat, assuming he could survive the 3-foot journey to the cats' food.

So who won this little cat and mouse game?  We did!  We went out and got a Tomcat Live Catch Mouse Trap.  For less than $5 and a dab of peanut butter, we were able to trap and release our furry friend back to the wilds of our back yard.  So if you have uninvited mouse guests, I recommend this product for their safe eviction.

This recommendation is made solely from our own purchase and use of this product.


  1. I'm so glad your furry invader lived to fight another day!

    Stripey usually brings mice home and announces the thrill of victory quite loudly.

  2. Ugh. I hate mice. I shuddered when you said one beady eye looked back at you and then followed up with, He's so cute!

    AUUGHH! Glad it all worked out for you even though I was rooting for the cats.

  3. Talon- Me too! He was cute. We've had those presents before when we had cats that lived outside or were indoor/outdoor.

    Cardiogirl- I also had a mouse hitch a ride in my car. I opened the door to get out and there he was down where the door hinged.

    Brooklyn- Thank you. Mice are just fine - outside! I was pleased the trap worked.

  4. Oh I was SO worried about how that would end... we have two pet rats so it was starting to look grim LOL! So happy you got a humane trap! Mickey is soooo happy!

  5. Katherine- that makes 3 votes for the mouse. :)

  6. In the 25 years which I've lived here, I've caught a grand total of three mice in my house. Once in a live trap in the attic. Once in a dish towel after my cats called attention to it. It was injured and I don't know if it made it safely after that release. And one surprised in the kitchen one morning. If interested, you can read about this time.

    I'm glad you were able to safely remove your overnight guest. ;)

  7. We had mice a few years ago and used the same traps. We drove the mice to another state so they couldn't fine their way back into the house.


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