Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Here is some of Nature's bounty.

The out-of-control Forsythia beside the driveway.

A Tulip Tree blossom at Sci-Works.

A budding Snowball.


  1. I love this Snowball thing. It looks like a formal bow tie! (If you were wearing a plant tuxedo, that is.)

  2. If I remember I'll try to post a picture when it blooms. They're really pretty.

  3. Linda -- Beautiful pictures!!!!I love the color of the Tulip Tree flowers and the texture of the budding Snowball.

    Put up more pictures...I love seeing them:~)

  4. Thank you Sara. I'm sure I'll have more pictures as things bloom - hopefully dogwood and azaleas. Everything is late here this year.

    Thanks for visiting!


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