Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Part 2

Yes, there is more.  I am fortunate to have some very wonderful friends, and they invited us to join them for dinner last night.  Kevin worked his kitchen magic again and turned out a Spanish tortilla.  Now this is a simple dish with few ingredients but it's authenticity will simply transport you.  It was accompanied in the Spanish tradition with fresh, unadorned bread, and we had a Spanish-style Tempranillo along side to round out the experience.

The short story behind all the Spanish dishes is that Kevin's parents were missionaries, and they lived for a while in Spain.  They brought back with them flavor of Spain in these recipes.  Unfortunately I missed most of the preparation of this dish because I was in the other room catching up with Ashley.  Kevin's mom, Pauline, joined us for dinner, too.  It was a delightful evening as always, and topped off with Kevin's chocolate cake with praline icing.  Absolutely delicious and better than many restaurant desserts.


  1. I am so glad we could do something to make it special. There is nothing like good food and great friends and yes Kevin has talent!

  2. It was definitely special! Thanks again. We'll get together again soon!


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