Friday, February 12, 2010

A Lunar Vacation Part II

Remember the new Lunar vacation  spot, the hottest or coolest new getaway scene?  It seems that the monetary cost is not the only price to be paid. Another danger to be considered may be even more difficult.  With extended time in space we lose bone density - kind of like a rapid onset of osteoporosis, and weightlessness, or zero gravity, is the culprit.  How do we combat that for the chance to vacation among the stars, other than Hollywood, of course. A possible solution?   If we can simulate weightlessness here on earth for the purpose of space training, then isn't it possible to simulate gravity in outer space?  This is where it does take a rocket scientist to figure it out.  However, I can envision a large arena, covered and climate controlled to keep our bodies on an even keel.  Filled with oxygen and whatever science has discovered to keep our feet firmly on the floor.  Think of the walled cities from centuries ago, only with a roof as well.  Everything you could need contained within, and going outside is dangerous.  Looks like sometimes we have to go back to go forward.

Another thing has come up, and this is an area for the space wear fashion designers.  We need outfits that are some two inches longer than our earthly clothes.  Why?  Well, it is a known fact, at least to the space bound, that the human body grows two inches over the course of a 12-week exposure to zero gravity.  Bone loss and height increases are both attributable to weightlessness.  There is nothing pulling you down, so your bones reconfigure themselves to adapt to their new circumstances.  Your height will return to normal back on earth, and scientists are working on ways to prevent the bone loss.  It's not likely that any of this will be a serious problem for the casual visitor.  Heck, we can't afford to stay long enough to be affected.  The full-timers do have a problem, though.  So bring on those shuttles, rocket scientists, engineers and fashion designers and lets get busy.  The ultimate vacation awaits. 

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