Friday, September 25, 2009

Some Interesting Coupon Facts

Here are some coupon facts from yesterday's Rachel Ray show:
  • The highest coupon use comes from people making $75,000/year or more.
  • The lowest coupon use comes from people making $25,000/year or less.
  • Only 1% of the $400 billion in coupons printed are ever redeemed.
Does this make any sense to you?  I'm sure we'd all like to save money, whether it's from a need to tighten our belts, to save for that special trip (I'm thinking Italy), donate more to charity or to just have a more secure financial feeling.

There is a time commitment involved in clipping coupons, searching out internet printable coupons and matching them with the best sale or coupon event.  Once you've done the initial work of stockpiling some coupons, locating and bookmarking the internet coupon sites and blogs, what's left is to read, make your list and shop.  You can even get a sneak preview of upcoming coupon inserts and sales fliers before they come out in the paper.  Now get out there and save money!

(Thanks hip2save)

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