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Friday, November 17, 2023

A Pleasant Fall

This picture was taken a few weeks ago at the Old Homeplace Vineyard. It is a lovely setting and a great place to sit and relax with a nice glass of wine and enjoying the amazing view.

The Homeplace Vineyard

Thanksgiving is less than a week away, and for the most part it's still T-shirt weather in my part of the country. It is also very dry. Hubby cleaned the yard of leaves the other day, and the dust cloud was enormous. He said we should probably offer the neighbors gift cards to the car wash. I used the leaf blower to get enough dust off of him so he could come inside. He went to the basement to finish cleaning off with the vacuum, socks, jeans, etc. At that point, he could take a shower.

Yes, it was that dusty. We are hoping for a little rain early next week.

This is pizza night! What that means here, to anyone, not familiar with our tradition, is that every other Friday night I make homemade pizza. So, at this point, the dough is rising and we eagerly await the deliciousness.

Some of the men of our church are putting on a short play during the men's breakfast tomorrow. I've seen them run through it five times during rehearsals and it is good and funny, although not a comedy. The guy who plays the director asked me if I was a glutton for punishment. Eh, why not.

If this seems a bit on the rambling side, it's not your imagination. It is exactly that. I'm just trying (again) to revive this blog of mine. Please drop a note in the comment section if you stumble across this.