Thursday, January 3, 2019

The Chill Begins

This is the first day of the 2019 edition of the 20 Days of Chill writing challenge hosted by P. J. at A ‘lil HooHaaPlease join us this month on our writing journey. Today's prompt is Who Are You?

Good morning and welcome! The question of the day is "who are you"? If you are reading this, then you are either participating in the 20 Days of Chill Challenge, or members of the audience.

As for who I am, lets just say I am busy. After winding down the holidays where there were meals to fix, parties to attend, gifts to purchase and decorations to be put up, I am contemplating the joys of returning the house to it's pre-holiday state of normal disarray.
Rainbow Weave Fleece Blanket

In addition, I started an on-line store called
Rosie B. Designs the first of November, so I have been busy creating new designs and promoting the store, and as of today I have over 200 items listed. If you scroll down to the post prior to this, you can read all about it.

So now it's January and time for the Chill Challenge. We'll see how long I can keep it going. I have several stories that have been hanging in limbo since previous challenges. 

My name is Busy, who are you?

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  1. hello Busy, nice to meet you :)

    1. Pleased to meet you, too. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. And yes, we will do this again! Our challenge seems to not be so popular anymore, but I guess that's part of not blogging regular. Maybe in the future! Welcome back! Busy is so true!


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