Thursday, August 3, 2017

Going Under!

This is Day 2 of the First Annual 10 Days of Heat writing challenge hosted by P. J. at A ‘lil HooHaa. Today's prompt is Tokyo, Japan. Please join me in checking out the other hot stories.

The continuing adventures of FBI agents, Charlie and Alex.

Charlie grinned as he hung up the phone. "Wow, that's new. Interpol wants us to help track down a Japanese art dealer."

"Okay, I'll bite," replied Alex who had been lounging in the doorway, "Since when does the FBI track down art dealers?"

"Since the art dealer deals in stolen art and is also a murder suspect in Tokyo. They want us to find him and send him back," Charlie said shaking his head. "I think we're getting singled out for the unusual cases."

"That couldn't be because we have been racking up results and solving unsolvable cases out the wazoo, now could it," quipped Alex. "I mean just look at these new digs" waving his hand around to indicated Charlie's new office. "Way to go lead agent in the Atlanta field office."

Always ready to dive into a new case, Alex asked,"So where do we start? What do we know other than the dude is Japanese, a murder suspect and apparently here in the city since we're the ones who got the call."

"Interpol is sending us the file." Charlie grinned again, "In the meantime, we are going to work on our cover." 

Now Alex was the one grinning. "I thought you'd like that idea," said Charlie. "Just remember, nothing ever goes as planned." He thought for a moment, and said "I'll be a shady art dealer and you can be a rich collector. That should get some attention of the unsavory kind. I'll have Sheila get us a list of museums, auction houses and art dealers so we can start playing our roles."

"A rich art collector, huh? I like it," said Alex striking a pose.

"Don't get too carried away now. This guy's a murder suspect and I expect he'd like to stay on the outside of the iron bars," Charlie cautioned. "Now speaking of bars, let's go get a couple cold ones while we plan our strategy."

"I second that," said Alex. "Are you driving?" 

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  1. Ha, here are two familiar faces, Charlie and Alex, long time no see!

    1. Yep, they usually show up during a challenge.

  2. they get the unusual cases, haha, I like the banters here.

    have a lovely day.

    1. Thanks! Charlie and Alex have an easy camaraderie and sense of humor, and still solve the tough cases.

  3. good luck with the new case, Charlie and Alex :)

    1. Thanks, they are appreciative of all good wishes.


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