Friday, January 13, 2017

San Francisco Connection

This is Day 10 of the 2017 edition of the 20 Days of Chill writing challenge hosted by P. J. at A ‘lil HooHaa. Today's prompt is San Francisco. Please visit the other participants for more stories.

The next morning arrives with a jolt when Charlie's cell phone blasts out A Fifth of Beethoven loud enough to wake the dead, which is how they had felt the previous day.

"Yes, I understand. We'll be there soon." Now it was Charlie's turn to groan, "Alex, wake up, "he called from across the room.

"Like I could sleep through that, "Alex complained!

"Sorry, my Dad grew up in the Disco era and he got me hooked on it. I know, kids don't usually like what their parents like, but what can I say, I've got a really hip Dad."

"Anyway back to business, that was an Agent Collins, who wants us to come in as soon as we can," explained Charlie reaching for his steaming cup of coffee. "Thank goodness for in-room coffee stations. Can I fix you a cup?"

"Thanks, I'll take a cup with we have lids?"

Twenty minutes later, they were in their standard black SUV on their way to the field office, where Agent Collins awaited them with an update.

"Hello agents, I hope you slept well, I'm Agent Collins, Sam if you please. Thank you for getting here so fast. I was transferred to this case last night...was told you could use some additional manpower."

"Nice to meet you Sam. I'm Charlie Shore and this is Alex Reynolds. Please bring us up to speed, and we'll fill the rest of the team in when they arrive."

"We have been doing background investigation on our prime suspect, and it turns out he has connections to a crime organization run out of San Francisco, which is also tied to a biker gang a little ways up the coast in Monterey. The gang is called the Slashers and they are hard core into drugs, prostitution, even weapons. So this operation is bigger than we first thought," Sam stated.

"Well that does shed new light on the case," mused Charlie. "Thanks for pitching in with us. As you know, we are on loan from Memphis for a few weeks. It looks like this operation spans the country."

Sam continues, "There's more. There is an unsolved murder from about five years ago. It involved a California man who was shot while on a trip with his son. Local police investigated and initially ruled it an accident until the son and his uncle broke the case and while it's technically unsolved, there is strong evidence that points to the Slashers."

Charlie's eyes widened than narrow as he focuses his attention squarely upon Sam, "What are these guys' names?"

Sam refers to his notepad, "I believe the uncle's name is Adam Richards and his nephew is Josh. Why? Do you know either of these men?"

"Adam and I are friends from our marine days," said Charlie. "He was a career man, and I got out after my tour was up and entered the Academy. I was never involved in the case since it was on the West Coast, but Adam and I did talk about it later." 

Alex had been listening intently to Sam and Charlie's conversation, and asked "so are we now going to San Francisco or Monterey?"


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  1. damm criminals, they never sleep, it's probably why we need agents...

    have a lovely day.

    1. Yep, crime doesn't sleep! Sometimes the Agents don't either.

  2. I love how all these stories are taking different arcs. It's very cool to see them all develop.

    1. I agree. Sometimes I do this on my own during a challenge, but this is the first time it was part of the challenge.

  3. The plot thickens... I know they're going to California on business, but the trip from San Francisco to Monterey is very scenic.

  4. These agents get their miles and their work in. No wonder they sleep when they can! :D

    1. They are very busy this time, even though there hasn't been any real action yet.

  5. The gangs name is Slasher...that can't be good.

    Still...who wouldn't want to have a reason to go to San Francisco?

    1. Oh, the Slashers aren't good. They are part of short story I wrote a while back. It is linked on a tab at the top of my blog.


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