Friday, January 22, 2016

Murder in the Warehouse

This is Day 15 of the 20 Days of Chill writing challenge hosted by P. J. at A ‘lil HooHaa. Today's prompt is Can you hear me? Please visit the other participants for more stories. 

The investigation into Jenna's kidnapping continues.

After being briefed by the local PD, Charlie and Alex checked into the hotel, and even though it was 1 a.m., their minds were thoroughly engaged in the case. Alex got some sodas, chips and candy bars from the vending machine. 

"How's that going to look on the expense report?" chortled Charlie. "Eating junk food in New York."

"Well I'm hungry and it's a little late for room service. Besides it's better than the bar for case work, although maybe I could get some wings to go. What'd ya think?"

"Whatever cranks your tractor" cracked Charlie. "But seriously, let's lay out our plan and then get some sleep so we can hit the streets first thing." 

"According to her cell phone records, her last phone call was made from here," said Alex, pointing to the map laid out across the table. "The security camera showed her heading South along 8th Avenue. I suspect he grabbed her as she was coming out of one of the theaters. It looks like the bulk of the theaters are from 40th and 54th streets between 8th Avenue, and the Avenue of the Americas. That's a lot of ground to cover." 

"The local PD will be helping canvas, and I gave them a stack of photos of Jenna, with our hotline number on them to pass out. Actually the night shift is already on this, asking around in bars and clubs, and basically anyone who might have seen or heard anything." Charlie stretched "That's it for now, let's hit the sack."

"Great!" said Alex, suppressing a yawn. "A few zzz's and I'll be ready to go." His head hit the pillow and two minutes later the snoring started. Charlie sighed. "I hope for Jenna's sake and mine that this case is solved quickly." he muttered, as he pulled a pillow over his head.

A few hours later Charlie's cell phone rang. "Yes, we'll meet you there in 30. C'mon Alex, we just have time to clean up and grab some coffee and danish and get to the precinct."

The sergeant in charge led them to a conference room where he had a map on the wall and the case file open. "We got a tip from one of our CIs who frequents places where the mafia hang out. He hasn't seen Jenna, but he heard someone named Donato talking about locating a 'piece of scum with the brains of a cockroach'. They think he may be holed up in an old warehouse near the generating plant on the other side of the East River between 38th and 40th Avenues. Why is it always a warehouse?" questioned the sergeant rhetorically.

"Okay," said Charlie, "We need to move now. I need two officers with me. "Alex, you and the Sergeant take a couple men and move in from the North, we'll go in from the South. Listen everyone, no sirens or lights. We need to keep a low profile."

At the warehouse they work in pairs to quietly clear the perimeter and check the entrances. There is a broken out window and Alex climbs through, gun drawn and flashlight beaming around the room. Charlie and his crew are working the other side. Alex spots a storage closet and on a gut feeling, tries the knob. Locked. He radios for Charlie and looks around for something to pry the door open. 

"Alex, what's with the closet?" inquired Charlie. "Did you see any signs of our perp?" 

"Nope, I just have a hunch," as he pries the door open. There on the floor on an old blanket was Jenna. She was drugged, but she appeared to be otherwise unharmed. "Call for an ambulance," Alex requested as he tried to wake her.

"Jenna, can you hear me? It's Alex."

They searched the rest of the warehouse and found the kidnapper with a single gunshot wound to the head, execution style. 

"I guess Jenna was fortunate this time. Her kidnapper actually saved her life by knocking her out and locking her in the closet." Charlie grinned. "We all got lucky with that CI's tip. 

"Now do we investigate the murder?"

"Nope, it's a local thing" said Charlie. "The NYPD will be working that case. Let's go home."

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  1. Oooooh. Interesting way this one went. Quick work those two had!

  2. P.J. thanks for reading. I wasn't planning to have them solve the case this quickly, but that's what happens sometimes. They got lucky.

  3. I like that "they got lucky." Some cases are like that. It was a fast and fun read and that's what counts in my book. As I always used to say to you: write more really are good at it!

    1. Thank you Sara! It always seems easier to write about my fictional friends during these challenges.


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