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This is Day 5 of the 20 Days of Chill writing challenge hosted by P. J. at A ‘lil HooHaa. Today's prompt is A Fading Memory. Please visit the other participants to find out what has faded from their memory.

The story of Charlie and Alex continues as they are sitting in the pub reminiscing over events of the past year.

"That's another one for the history books" said Charlie, cradling his beer and staring blankly at the TV mounted on the wall.

"Yeah" agreed Alex, "We were nearly murdered by Colombians, but we sure got the last laugh on old Jorge. Then there was the camping fiasco. Poor Bobby! He took a lot of grief about being chased up a tree by a wild turkey. Did you see the Turkey-thug mugshot...the whole bureau was laughing about that."

"I seem to recall you took a fair amount of ribbing over your run-in with SWAT and the girl with mafia ties," remarked Charlie.

Alex grimaced, "That didn't look too good, did it?" Hopefully that's just a fading memory, eh?

"As Richard Fish would say, bygones" quipped Charlie.

"Who? Oh never mind." Alex called for another beer while he waited for Charlie to continue.

At that moment Charlie's phone rings. 

"Charles Shore" answered Charlie. "Yes." Silence as Charlie listens.  "New York. I see. Will do. Yes sir, thank you." 

"Well, we're off and running. That was the Deputy Director. We have a case. It's a kidnapping."

"Okay.  Details?"

"Here's the thing, it's not just another kidnapping. It's Jenna." said Charlie, closely watching Alex for a reaction.

"Oh." said Alex quietly, pushing his beer aside.

"Look, given recent events, if you'd rather not work this case..." The unstated implication was could he work the case objectively, and if there was any doubt he would be temporarily reassigned.

"I get where you're coming from Charlie, but no, I've got this, we're good. What do we know so far?"

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  1. I liked your different perspective and the humour too. The dialogue you used worked really to tell the story and added to the personalities of your characters.

    1. Hi Clare, thank you! These two have had their share of adventures.

  2. Bringing Charlie and Alex back, eh? :)

  3. Yeah, I return in time for Charlie and Alex to reappear:~) I'm on to the next chapter:~)

    1. So glad you made it back! Those two are always getting into something, but it always works out.


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