Monday, July 20, 2015

Nobody's Perfect

A good garden may have some weeds. Thomas Fuller

You weed your garden today and tomorrow you find you still have weeds. Our imperfections are like weeds. We will never be free of them. Not to worry, nobody is perfect and just as we still get a good crop from our garden in spite of the weeds, and we can be good, productive people in spite of our imperfections.

Let's accept each other, flaws and all, and watch our garden flourish.

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  1. ah, a good quote and a wise perspective on it. Thanks and love the picture:~)

  2. Thanks Sara! I wish I were as wise as my words sometimes sound.

  3. I love that garden, accept those weeds and truly enjoyed my time there.

  4. Hey Ashley, those were good times, weren't they?


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