Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Butterflies and Fleece

My wonderful friend, Ashley, made this really cute butterfly blanket for me for my birthday, and presented it to me when they were in town over Easter. 

As usual I am behind on crafty things and often jump on the bandwagon just as it pulls out of the station so I had not heard of the no-sew, tied fleece blankets. Apparently fleece is in now and to make it easier for the sewing challenged (yes, I am in that group) those with craftier minds than mine came up with this method.

The result is a beautiful blanket with a fringe and not a stitch of sewing. How cool is that?

She searched long and hard for colors and patterns that suited me. Cats and wine themes were not to be found, and anything pink was automatically rejected (I don't like all). Finally the butterfly pattern was selected, and a coordinating solid was chosen. 

To make the fringe, you lay the pieces together with the pretty sides facing out, making sure the edges are even. Then you make cuts into the fabric about 5 inches long at 1-inch intervals. When all the cuts are made, then you simply double knot the strips and you have a blanket. 

Being the curious sort, I wondered what else you could make using this technique and Google provided me with a plethora of styles, uses and methods. You can even fill them for a thicker blanket, make pillows, pet beds or ponchos. 

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  1. Well, Happy Birthday dear friend! I absolutely loved making that for you. My insecurity at messing it up was the only challenge. I'm soooooo glad you like it.

  2. I love that! I had an Christmas where my daughter and I made these for several people. My favorite is a dalmatian one we made for ourselves... and a cardinal one for my Mom. Both very meaningful to us. I am not very crafty but these were easy enough for us to do. Last year was the Christmas of the "knitting a scarf on your arm" craft. They are WONDERFUL!

    1. I've seen pet blankets made like this at the animal adoption places like AARF and the Humane Society. I didn't make the connection until after I got the blanket and then went to look at cats. I guess kindly volunteers make those for the kitties.

  3. What a nice gift!!! And happy birthday....a bit late! I hope you'll share what you create:~)

    Any luck with the cats?

    1. Not yet, thought we have seen some with potential. I'm just picky. I have thought about making a cat blanket using that technique (like the ones I've seen at the Humane Society.


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