Friday, November 7, 2014

Tis The Season!

Tis the season!  This phrase has many meanings.  The Holidays are nearly upon us, but for those of us with trees, it is now leaf blowing/raking season as well.  Remember when you could rake them up into a big pile and after an afternoon of running and jumping into them, you would rake them back into a pile and burn them? I guess some folks can still do that, but not us city-dwellers.  Nope, we rake, blow or otherwise collect bushels and bushels of leaves to deposit at the street for the city to come by with their huge leaf-sucking machines and vacuum them up.

Now for a look at the more traditional season.  That's right, Turkey Day is just around the corner. Christmas parades, tons of food, long siestas, and of course, football, team up to make the fourth Thursday in November, not just any day, but Thanksgiving Day.

I must one of the few people on the planet who doesn't get all wound up over a big Thanksgiving Day meal. It is a day that gives us license to make enough food to feed a starving army - to serve a half dozen people, and then eat as if we were that starving army.  I realize that many gatherings are much larger, so just multiply by your gathering by a factor of 10 and you will have comparatively the same amount of food per person.

Thanksgiving also gives us license to eat as if it's our last opportunity to feed for the next year.  

Picture this:

Frank: "I'm stuffed."

Bob: "I can't move...I can't even breathe."

Ron: "Alice, why did you let me eat so much?"  [belch]

Then you hear a voice from the kitchen.  "Does anyone want more pie?"

Frank: "Yeah, I'll take a slice."

Bob: "Me too!"

Ron: "Maybe just a small piece."

Do you hear conversations like this around your house after the big meal?  It's like we become bottomless food pits, and despite all the moaning and groaning, we continue to pick away at the leftovers until they are secured in plastic take-home containers for us to recreate the feast the next day.  No one walks away empty handed.

Guess what? Christmas is only 47 days away, and we can start all over again.  Click here for an update on how long you have left to shop!

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  1. Hi Linda .. I know - excess food ... I've in recent years been quite abstemious .. and actually we don't cater for the milling masses ... and my sister-in-law uses it all up ... if not the dogs get ... Not cooking I miss out without having left overs .. but I haven't had to sweat blood and guts to get everything done!!

    Cheers Hilary

    1. I don't do a lot of cooking either. We have dinner with hubby's family and I take a side and/or dessert, and, of course, wine.

  2. Our Thanksgiving is in October .. that gives us a bit more time to recover before Christmas. ;)

    1. Having Thanksgiving in October lengthens your "holiday season". More time to recover - or more time to celebrate. ;)

  3. Our Thanksgiving is a distant memory now (though was only last month) and I now eagerly anticipate the Christmas Bird or as my Mom always affectionately called him, "Tom" :) Heard my first holiday music when I stopped to pick up some groceries. Too soon!!

    1. If you have Tom for Christmas dinner, what is your Thanksgiving feast main dish? I agree that it is too soon for Christmas music. Heard it last night at the gas station.

  4. This made me really smile, "we continue to pick away at the leftovers until they are secured in plastic take-home containers for us to recreate the feast the next day." That is so funny and so true! Mom said in her family the turkey sandwich the next day was called a "Pepper Sandwich." Isn't that funny? She said it was always that - I guess because everyone put pepper on the sandwich!

    1. Everyone seems to enjoy the leftovers, and make extra to have more. I am just not one of those people who looks forward to the feast and the subsequent leftovers. I guess the best thing would be turkey sandwiches with white and dark meat, salt, pepper and plenty of mayo.


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