Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Last Laugh

It is day 27 of the Third Second Annual 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing challenge hosted by Nicky and Mike at We Work for Cheese and today's prompt is How did you find out.  Check out WWFC to find out what everyone else is up to.

Once they were back on the main road Charlie and Alex found a tavern and decided to wait there for their cab. It had been a long hike and they were ready to slack their thirst so they ordered up a couple pints and settled in to wait. The dispatcher had said it would be about an hour.

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"Well look who we have here," came an unfamiliar voice from across the room. 

Charlie and Alex looked up to see an olive-skinned man with his black hair pulled back, wearing an expensive suit approaching them. "Who are you?" asked Charlie.

"I heard you were looking for me. My name is Jorge Hernandez. I think you have something that belongs to me."

"And what might that be?" asked Charlie. His mind racing now, the police must be in cahoots with Jorge, and whatever is in that briefcase will incriminate both Jorge and the police, or at least the Sergeant.

"I think you know. Now if you will just hand over the briefcase."

"How did you find out we were coming to talk to you?" asked Alex, as he took a step backward and to the right.  This action shielded his right side from Jorge, just in case...

"Why a little bird told me. You see, Sergeant Ricardo works for me," said Jorge as if that explained it all, and frankly it explained a lot. "Since you won't be leaving here," Jorge patted his side, "there's no reason I shouldn't tell you. I believe a condemned man should know why he's dying."

Alex stood still, only a slight nod to Charlie told him he understood the plan. They would just let Jorge talk, and talk he did.  

"You see Tomas found out that I was skimming some money from the company and using it to fund my...uh... business. He gathered records...heck he even hired a private investigator to get pictures of me and my associates. He was carrying those back to the Colombian authorities, but since the good Sergeant is in my pocket, so to speak, he arranged to have him and the evidence disappear. 
So that is why I can't let you leave," Jorge concluded. 

So the contracts Tomas was working on were just a story for his wife, and for obvious reasons he couldn't tell her the truth. But they had the evidence, and now it was time to put their plan into action.  

Jorge pulled his gun.  "Now place your guns on the table."  Not wanting to risk a shooting in the tavern, they complied.

"OK, but not here," Charlie indicated the tavern keeper and a few patrons along the bar nursing their beers, trying not to notice what was going on. No one wanted to get involved.

As they moved to the parking lot, Charlie said "NOW." Alex spun, catching Jorge's ankles and knocking him to the ground. Drawing his backup gun, Alex said "Stay down, hands behind your head. Charlie couldn't resist saying, "you really didn't think you could take on the FBI did you," as he grabbed the gun. 

"That was way too easy," grinned Alex. His grin faded as he heard the familiar sound of a pump shotgun. Jorge got to his feet, brushing the dirt from his suit. "You really didn't think I would come here alone did you, Mr. FBI man?"

As they turned to face Sergeant Ricardo, dressed in his uniform so everything would look official and above board, Jorge took his gun back and theirs too.  He motioned them toward the Jeep with the barrel of the gun. It would look like he was escorting prisoners.  

Charlie said, "I'm sorry Alex." 

"It's okay Charlie, it's not your fault and besides we're not giving up."

Before they reached the Jeep, their taxi came barreling into the parking lot, throwing gravel and kicking up a cloud of dust. It was just those few seconds of chaos that gave Alex and Charlie the break they needed. Alex lunged at the Sergeant and struggled for the shotgun. Just as Jorge started to raise his gun, the shotgun fired striking Jorge in the shoulder. With Alex controlling the shotgun, Charlie promptly relieved Jorge of his gun for the last time.  

"You know my Mama always said, 'he who laughs last, laughs the loudest'. Guess who's laughing now, Jorge?"

Case closed.

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  1. Every backup plan should have a backup plan. Oddly, I learned that in programming.

  2. The action sequence was great! And I love that the good guys won in the end.

  3. Love Charlie and Alex. They just never give up. Well, they pretended to, I guess. But in the end the bad guys are trounced.

  4. "an olive-skinned man with his black hair pulled back"

    I loved that line... I could picture it... beautiful description. :)

  5. Frank- Especially when you can't call for backup!

    ReformingGeek- Thank you!

    Linda- Thank you...and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    nonamedufus- They were some good guys and good guys never give up. Who knows they may show up again...

    Katherine- Thank you, so could I.

  6. That's a great ending. I enjoyed this story. You did a great job of breaking it up in just the right amount of reading, while keeping my interest up. That's not easy to do.

    I have a writing site I need to send you to. It's so cool, but not for me. They start a story and then writers add to it. There are rules for how to go about this, but it's fun to read. I'll send you the link:~)


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