Thursday, February 6, 2014


It is day 6 of the Third Second Annual 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing challenge hosted by Nicky and Mike at We Work for Cheese and today's prompt is Scatterbrained.  So check out the other participants at WWFC.

I was all set to charge through this writing challenge like a plow through snow.  I had pre-written the first four posts, and pulled the fifth out of my hat - literally at the eleventh hour, but now the hat's empty.  

I searched every nook and cranny looking for two words to string together, but all I found was dust bunnies and half eaten cat toys.  

I stared intently at the cat in hopes of gaining some inspiration, and she just looked at me as if to say this is payback for all the times you called me a twit.   

I went off in so many different directions it suddenly sounds like I'm a Phi Beta Ditz alumna.

Thoughts, elusive as the morning mist, have been bobbling around my brain like the head on a pigeon, never settling in one place long enough to put two and two together.  

So instead of coming up with some witty dialog, here I sit watching reruns and listening to the clock ticking off the seconds in my head.  

Scatterbrained?  No, but my low fuel light came on about 20% into the challenge.  I guess it's time for a fill up.


  1. Phi Beta Ditz, I like that. I'm sure I'm part of that sorority.

  2. we all hit that point about a week into these things. That's why Nicky has witness protection.

  3. At least the prompt for scatterbrain came at the appropriate time during the challenge.

    And how the heck can those pigeons see anything? I mean, you try bobbing your head around like they do. It's a wonder they're not constantly banging into walls.

  4. I like your pet name for your cat. My pet name for mine is unrepeatable.

  5. You know, I also knocked out 3 posts before this thing started. Except none of them were for Week 1. Sigh.

  6. Hee Hee. Scatterbrained. Shit for brains. Pigeons scatter shit. I think we're on to something here.

  7. Shhhhh.... I have a secret for you.... When you are scatterbrained and can't think of what to write, do Haiku. It makes you look educated and it is minimal words ha ha!

  8. Your low fuel light came on? No wonder you can't write! Time for a trip to the liquor store!

  9. Tami- Thanks. It's interesting where the mind goes late at night.

    laughingmom- She's gonna need it!

    Frank- Their heads are somehow attached to their legs so they have to stop to look around.

    nonamedufus- Yeah, that's short for twit for brains. She is really sweet, though not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    Nicky- I did 1-4 and 11. Now I will probably be winging it the rest of the way.

    ReformingGeek- I think you may be right!

    Katherine- That is a good plan, unfortunately I had already played the "poetry" card yesterday. But, I expect to find a haiku somewhere down the road...hopefully just when I need it.

  10. I think you managed to come up with some very witty dialog. There is no low fuel light showing up on you.

  11. I can totally relate, Linda. I've had a lot of the same feelings of frustration and desperation during this first week of the competition. I too looked to my cats for inspiration, but I've found none. Not yet, anyway. The month is young.

  12. Cheryl- Thank you! It is tough out here in challenge land.

    KZ- Yes, and we persevere lest we feel the wrath of Nicky.

    Paula- You went there too? YAY!

  13. Been there; done that:~)

    Even so, you managed to put up a nice post. I like the "half-eaten cat toys." Also, the Phi Beta Ditz alumna.

    The closing was GREAT. Everything you said definitely fit the challenge:~)

  14. Sara- Sometimes you just have to wing it in these challenges. Glad you thought it all fell into place.

  15. Phi beta ditz ... haha. Love it.


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