Friday, February 21, 2014

Pizza Pizza!

It is day 21 of the Third Second Annual 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing challenge hosted by Nicky and Mike at We Work for Cheese and today's prompt is Yes, I made that.  Head on over to WWFC to see what the other participants have cooked up.

Who doesn't love pizza?  I always look forward to pizza night, which is usually every other weekend. There are a number of places nearby that would be happy to deliver us the semi-hot pizza of our choice for $9.99 or whatever is the deal of the day.

However, according to my husband, the best pizza doesn't require a phone call, an internet connection or a tip for the driver.  The best pizza place is our own kitchen.

Yes, I made that.
Start with a ball of homemade dough, add sauce, cheese and your favorite toppings and bake. Then sit back with your favorite beverage and lose yourself in the deliciousness that is pizza. This is my favorite, pepperoni and onion.

Lest you think I do it all, it is a team effort.  Hubby takes it out of the oven, slices it and serves it up.  


  1. Hi Linda .. I rarely eat pizza - we used to have it South Africa .. and I'd have the omelette type one .. but love the Neopolitan flavours .. capers, anchovies, lots of cheese, tomatoes, peperoni, olives ...

    Sounds good to me now! Cheers and have a happy weekend .. Hilary

  2. I grew up on Kraft Pizza, and you know what? I still like it more than a lot of the pizzas you get from take-aways.

  3. That looks delicious! What kind/brand of yeast do you use?

  4. nonamedufus- As they said on the The Price is Right...come on down.

    Hilary- Go grab yourself a slice. I guess you're gearing up for the April A-Z challenge.

    Frank- I don't think I ever had that. I'm assuming the mean the pizza in a box.

    ReformingGeek- Thank you! I usually use Fleischmann's Rapid Rise highly active yeast. Here's my recipe.

  5. I prefer the $9.99 kind in that it doesn't require me to make it. Generally, I feel that way about all food these days, even though I enjoy cooking and do it fairly well. I think I'm just lazy.

  6. Yum...that sounds so good. I used to make homemade pizza a lot but now I am so lazy. We normally order in.

  7. That really looks awesome! I've never made pizza and it's always sort of intimidated me. Fortunately, we have a great "East End Pizza" here on the island. A bit more expensive, but delish.

  8. Having grown up with parents who owned a restaurant known for its pizza, I really have a hard time ordering pizza from most restaurants. I almost always make my own, as a result. Usually, onions, bacon and peppers. Yum!

  9. I want your dough recipe! That looks incredible!!!

    I used the test kitchen recipe and blogged about it here:

    It was the best dough I have ever made. A few times a year we do homemade pizza night. I love seeing how different everyone's toppings are!

  10. MikeWJ- I get happens to us all, and I take shortcuts sometimes, frozen lasagna and rotisserie chickens, etc. Just not pizza.

    Cheryl- The homemade stuff is so much better, though, isn't it?

    Linda- I'm surprised by this. I know you do lots of cooking and entertaining so I figured it would be a snap for you. If you feel like trying it, Here's my recipe.

    Tami- Yes, indeed!

    Nicky- It's tastier, healthier and cheaper, and you can fix it any way you like.

    Katherine- Thank you. Here's my recipe.

    I'll have take a look at the recipe you used.


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