Wednesday, February 12, 2014

One Bite at a Time

It is day 12 of the Third Second Annual 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing challenge hosted by Nicky and Mike at We Work for Cheese and today's prompt is One Bite.  Now pop on over to WWFC and see who else took a bite out of this challenge.

Another One Bites the Dust

If you just want a nibble, how about an Amuse Bouche?
Image Source:  Becky Quan
For the heartier appetites...

Image Source: comindwork

Be careful who you invite for dinner.
Image Source:  DeviantArt
This post has been brought to you one byte at a time.


  1. Very clever, Linda. That Amuse Bouche sounds very, very naughty.

  2. nonamedufus- Not as naughty as Jack!

  3. Well, you've got all of us beat in the inventive department! Damn! Wish I'd thought of this. :)

  4. Thanks Jayne. It was fun putting that together.

  5. All of these are perfect... And I love
    Elephant jokes!

  6. Such great ideas all in one post!

  7. Oh, lots of little bites in this post. Great job. :)

  8. Very clever. Each one fits perfectly to the prompt.

  9. Oh, a smorgasbord of delightful bites!

  10. Oh yea, somebody else did bytes!

    I love your collection today - very funny!

  11. I always confuse my bits and my bytes. I love this!

  12. Are you having fun? I liked the different versions of "one bite."

    I'm not sure I could take just one bite of the Amuse Bouche, which looks like it's about the paddle away. At least, that's what my tired eyes see.

  13. Well, one might say that this post is a megabyte. :-)

  14. Kudos for not biting off more than you could chew!

  15. Nicky said:
    "Well, one might say that this post is a megabyte. :-)"

    Yeah, ZERO might say that as well. Burn.

  16. Just for the record, that burn was aimed at Nicky. I'm still rocking out to the Queen song in the background while I'm browsing. :)

  17. KZ- Glad you like the tune! It rocks me pretty good too.

  18. Not sure how I missed these.

    Katherine- Thank you, glad you liked it.

    Meleah- Thank you. This was a fun post, once I figured out where I was going with it.

    laughingmom- It's amazing what you find when you Google things.

    Ziva- Thanks, I'm full now.

    Cheryl- Thank you. It was like doing a puzzle.

    Malissa- That's a delightful way of looking at it.

    ReformingGeek- Thanks...yours too.

    Linda- Thanks! I wouldn't let it worry you one byte...I mean bit.

    Sara- That did look tasty didn't it? I think it's crab. Yum!

    Nicky- How much would you have left if one to a byte out of it?

    MsDarkstar- I'll just nibble away at it.


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