Friday, February 14, 2014

Aliens, Really?

It is day 14 of the Third Second Annual 30 Minus 2 Days of Writing challenge hosted by Nicky and Mike at We Work for Cheese and today's prompt is It has to be aliens.  If your brains are still intact sail over and check out the other alien transmissions over at WWFC.

After clearing the wife, the driver and the pilot who had the good fortune to have the flu, he went to question the housekeeper.

"Good afternoon ma'am.  I am looking for Angela Perez."

"I am Mrs. Perez" replied the woman, wiping her hands on her apron.

"I'm Special Agent Charles Shore, FBI  and I am investigating the crash of Flight 0070.  I understand your employer Tomas Garza was on that flight.  Can you tell me the nature of his business in Colombia?"

"Only that he had to meet with some important people in Colombia.  It was a very important meeting.  I packed his suitcase for him."

"Do you know if he was involved in anything illegal" 

"Oh, no, Mr. Tomas would not do anything illegal" replied Angela sadly. "Mr. Tomas is...was a good man."

"Do you know who anyone who might want to harm him?" pressed Agent Shore.

Image Source:  Wikimedia

"Aliens," she said with certainty.

"Why do you say that, ma'am?"

"They are after our brains, you know.  They're out there just waiting for suck out our brains."

"No ma'am, those are zombies, and I'm certain this crash was not caused by the undead.  It is for the real dead that we are trying to get justice.  Thank you for your time" replied Agent Shore, as he turned to leave.

"No, Wait!  You don't understand,"  her face pale beneath her tan.  "They make you do things.  They take over your body and make you do terrible things."

"What kind of things?" he asked, not believing her, but curious as to where she was going with this.

"They said if I tell anyone about them they will suck out my brains.  They will put this metal hat thing on my head with wires on it and flashing lights and tubes in my ears and my brains will be scrambled."  

"Ah, brains and eggs...oh forgive me.  [who said FBI agents have no sense of humor]  So, tell me why do you think they caused the plane crash?"

"Not them...ME" shrieked Angela.  "They made me do it, and now they will be coming for me."

"Why would they want to bring down an American plane?" he asked, but Angela's eyes had glazed over.

Agent Shore was pretty sure Angela was a nut case, but he wasn't ready to let her off just yet in the event that she was actually involved in some way, and this was just a ploy to avoid prosecution.

However, at the end of the day, he was no closer to finding out who was behind the crash, but had ruled out Angela and the brain-sucking aliens.


  1. You guys have brain-suckubg aliens? You'll let me know, eh, if they start to wander north?

  2. I was thinking, Dufus, that you were wondering when they'd be heading "south". ;)

  3. I hope they come West! Brain sucking aliens have other talents as well. Think about it!

  4. nonamedufus- You'll be the first to know, if I have any brains left.

    Mariann- They started out in Miami; who knows where they are now.

    Linda- If I see any I'll send them your way.

  5. Scrambled brains...hmmm...I'm suddenly hungry.

  6. Brains and eggs.... Ewwwww!!!!!

  7. Angela needs Michael Menkin's Thought Screen Helmet, guaranteed to stop aliens from sucking dry your brains.

  8. Yep. I knew they were already here and working among us.

  9. Mike- You can have my share.

    Katherine- My thoughts eggactly.

    Frank- Are those people for real?

    ReformingGeek- They can blend in so beware

  10. Aren't brains high in sodium? You'd think these aliens would know better...

  11. The last time the brain sucking aliens were spotted was when they were leaving Congress.

  12. Brain sucking aliens??? That would explain a lot of things.

  13. VE- I don't know, I would guess it depends on how much salt the person ate.

    Malisa- Ah, funny!

    Cheryl- Scary isn't it?

  14. Wow. I guess I didn't read this. I'm going backwards to catch up with the story.

    Are you sure he could rule out Angela and the brain-sucking aliens. I liked this story.

    I'm going to email you a really cool site that does continuing stories. I think you'd like it as you're very good at writing these short-shorts, but keeping my interest so I want to read the next installment:~)


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