Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Is In The Air

Photo Blogging Challenge for October:  Fall

Hey, is that Pac-Man?

Excuse me, have you seen Linus?

Sometimes Fall colors come in small packages.

I'll huff and I'll puff...Nah, I'll just use the leaf blower.

Nothing says Fall quite like the Fair!

Be sure and drop by our host at a 'lil hoohaa for more Fall treasures.


  1. Nice pics, Linda. I particularly like the "small packages". Cool.

  2. Great photos, Girl! The colors are wonderful!

  3. nonamedufus- Thanks! That was one of my favorites too. It is a tiny maple tree that sprouted on the steps.

    Linda- Thank you. Fall is full of great photo ops.

    Babs- Me too. Tis a pretty little thing.

  4. love the small packages photo ... what a wonderful find! Your fall is looking fabulous!

  5. An interesting collection! I like the little red flower growing up between the stones.

  6. Well done this month, Linda. The fair photo is great. Love that scarecrow and the pumpkins. Nice stuff!

  7. Very cute.. huff and puff made me laugh and I like how you spotted that pac man shadow.

  8. Oh, this was so lovely, Linda. That scarecrow is almost too human looking! I love those unexpected pops of color. We have had such wind and rain that ours is mostly on the ground now...and curling up for sleep.

  9. Nice set of shots for the theme this week. I think I liked your PacMan shot the best. It took me a minute to see, but once seen, brought a smile to my face. Some kind of current?

  10. Hi Linda .. pac-man has rather put me off rose hips! I was very admiring of a table decoration ... a lovely glass bowl full of white roses, nestling on a few rose hips ... enjoying their watery repose!

    Fall is gorgeous .. though our trees are still on ... cheers Hilary

  11. What wonderful, fun photos. I just took some of the Monarch butterflies on my Salvia plants. They just arrived a week or so ago and they're so beautiful!

  12. You know what I love even more than your beautiful pictures? The comments you made for each... they all made me smile. Love the linus one!

  13. Great photos, Linda, I think my favorite is the last one of the fair, I just love the lights in the night. :)

  14. Jo- Thank you!

    Jay at The Depp Effect- Even the littlest tree has it's beauty.

    P.J.- Thanks. It was fun to participate.

    Hilary- I didn't see it until I was working on the post.

    Talon- He was really good, wasn't he!

    Paul Myers- Actually it is a dogwood seed. Winter goodies for the birds.

    Hilary- By this time ours are falling and some trees are almost bare.

    Jayne- Thank you. I enjoyed joining in the fun.

    Katherine- Thanks, I'm you like them. It was fun.

    Ziva- The midway is always gorgeous from the grandstand.

  15. Great pics! Love the Scarecrow and the pumpkin patch.

  16. My favorite was this one: "I'll huff and I'll puff...Nah, I'll just use the leaf blower."

    That one made me laugh:~)

    I'm thinking of you.

  17. I enjoyed browsing through your photos, and really enjoyed your snappy comments...especially the one about the leaf blower. I confess I'm even lazier...I just let Mother Nature blow the leaves that fall from our big elm tree into the neighbour's yard! Fortunately for him, Mother Nature works 24/7 and moves them on down the street after that!

  18. Oh wow! These photos are fabulous!!


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