Monday, September 9, 2013

Quote of the Week

Don't water your weeds. — - Harvey Mackay

The weeds will take over the flowers in your garden if you let them.  Likewise, if you feed your bad habits, they will gain on and eventually overwhelm the flowers of your life.


  1. Meleah- Indeed! Let's make no room for the weeds.

  2. I am a great one for feeding my bad habits. It’s no effort at all.

  3. What were once vices are now habits. - Doobie Brothers

  4. LOL This is wonderful quote and your write-up is also a good reminder. Those old bad habits have quite an appetite and they're hard to ignore:~)

  5. So hard to stay on top of those weeds - both real and imagined. Loved this quote, Linda!

  6. Babs- Amen!

    Friko- Not it's not. That's the problem.

    Timothy- I've seen that one. That's true as well.

    Sara- Thank you, and you are so right.

    Talon- I know, I've got both kinds.

  7. Hi Linda .. can certainly feel the inevitable rush to feed "my bad" ... but I do remember those said weeds are so often the stuff of life and were our stuff of life ... but can see the analogy ... not quite feeding time at this zoo!!

    Cheers Hilary


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