Friday, June 7, 2013

Rosie's 16th Birthday Party

At about 4 months old, Rosie joined our family in October 1997.  He was such a sweet little thing. He was about 6 pounds with big feet and big ears.  They didn't seem to match the rest of him, but I knew he would grow into them.  He was going to be a big cat.  If you think Rosie is a strange name for a male cat, you can read how he got his name here.

After many years of chronic allergies, sinus problems and several rounds of diabetes, we arrived at the celebration of his 16th birthday on June 1, 2013, although the actual date is unknown.

I went to my local Walmart for supplies.

 I opened a can of chicken to make chicken salad - especially so that Rosie could lick the can.  It is a treat he enjoys very much, and after all, it is his day!

 That was good, mama.

 This was a 10 oz. can of chicken.  As you can see, it is just "head sized".

  Clean up time!

  How do I look?

 Birthday cake, courtesy of Food Lion.  No, Rosie did not eat the cake.  He's more of a french fry, pizza crust kinda cat.  We call him our carb kitty.

And now, here's Rosie lapping up his birthday treat.

Happy Birthday, Rosie!


  1. Aw... Happy Birthday, Rosie! What an angel!

  2. Hi Linda .. what a great age - and then Rosie has wisdom .. to stay on and enjoy the family's company for such a wonderful time ..

    Enjoy that cake! Cheers Hilary

  3. Jayne- Yes, he is, and definitely mama's boy, although right now he's with his daddy.

    Hilary- He knows life is good here. I'm happy for all 16 of the years he's shared with us.

  4. Happy birthday Rosie! I think he's grown into his ears and feet most handsomely. :-)

  5. Happy Birthday Rosie!

    Bless him. It's hard to see the difference between both cats :)

  6. Ah! Happy Birthday, Rosie! Our cats are just a year younger than you! So glad you found just the right owners to love and care for you.

    We had an emergency with Stripey this week - seems he got into something poison. He's okay, but it was a long long night at the emergency vets.

  7. Happy Birthday Rosie.. we share that date. :) You're a handsome boy and Sophie is lovely too.

  8. Awwww! Happy 16th Birthday, Rosie!


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