Sunday, February 24, 2013

To Dance Or Not To Dance?

Today is day 24 of the 30 minus 2 days of writing hosted by Nicky and Mike of We Work For Cheese. Today's prompt is "Confucius". Visit Nicky's post to see what else Confucius says.

Ann had wanted to take dance lessons for years, but Carl refused, stating he had two left feet.  That was just an excuse and she knew it, but she had a plan.

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"Are you ready", he called, "we don't want miss our reservation".  They had these reservations for weeks.  Le Chateau was a hard restaurant to get into, but they wanted to do something special for Carl's birthday.

"I'm almost ready, you go start the car and I'll be right out."  She had to get his birthday card which contained his gift.

They arrived at the restaurant and were seated at corner table next to the window.  The view was gorgeous, overlooking the river, the multi-colored lights on the bridge twinkled, reflecting on the water. 

"A bottle of your best Champagne, please."  Carl beamed.  He had always wanted to say that.  It was his birthday and he was going all out.  "Two steaks, medium rare, too please."  

"Thank you, sir" said the waiter.  "I will be right back with your Champagne".  

"Carl" exclaimed Ann, "Do you have any idea how expensive that is?"  She really didn't care, though, she was happy just watching him enjoy himself.  God knows he works hard enough for it.

"This is fantastic.  This has to be the best meal I've ever had, except for your cooking, of course", Carl said, quickly correcting his faux paux.

"OK," said Ann, smiling "now for the rest of your gift."  She pulled a card from her purse and placed it in front of him.  

"I thought we agreed that this dinner would be my birthday gift."  He opened the card and he grinned from ear to ear.  Inside was a receipt for 6 weeks of fencing lessons.  "Oh Ann, this is so cool.  Thank you!"  Carl had been longing to learn fencing for years, ever since watching sword fight scenes in old movies. "Did you know I love you?" he asked teasingly.

Then he noticed something else in the card.  It was a second receipt, for 6 weeks of dance lessons.  Ann was very clever in her choice of fencing instructors.  This particular one required students to demonstrate dance skills, stating that one can't fence properly with two left feet.  Since Ann wanted to take dance lessons, and Carl wanted to learn fencing this was perfect.  "Still love me?" she teased back.

But seeing the look of dismay on his face, Ann explained their policy.  "Confucius say: Don't give sword to man who can't dance."


  1. Touche! We both picked up on the same Confucious quote ~

  2. Ha. Nicely done with this post.

  3. Hehe, I like Ann a lot. Great take on the theme, Linda. :)

  4. Ha! Good for Anne. Now I think I need to try this tack on Jepeto. I've been pestering him to take dance classes with me too...

  5. Fabulous job with this prompt, Linda!

  6. This is great! just the perfect way for a woman to get what she wants!

  7. Hey Linda! I'd not heard that one! And yes, like the others said, nicely done! Indigo x

  8. Aww! This was perfect, Linda. Ann is one smart lady! :)

  9. Tami- Great minds and all...

    Paula- Yes!

    P.J.- Thanks!

    Ziva- She's a smart lady.

    Nicky- Let me know if it works. ;)

    Meleah- Thanks, glad you liked it.

    laughingmom- She got lucky with the fencing school.

    MikeWJ- Thanks, that's why I'm here.

    Indigo- Thanks!

    Talon- Thanks!

  10. Clever ending and a very smart woman.

    I really like your fiction. It always a nicely done with a perfect "twist turn."


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