Thursday, February 28, 2013

Is that all?

Welcome to the 28th and final day of the 30 minus 2 days of writing challenged hosted by Nicky and Mike of "We Work For Cheese".  Please visit Nicky's post for the cheesy wrap up. 

As we listen in we hear two friends dealing with the stress of the challenge.

Hey, you can't wear that, it's too cheesy.  You'll look like a tramp.

Now hold on a minute, I yelled back, and the next thing I knew we were arguing to test the bonds of friendship

You'd better put out the light before someone sees you in that.

Well my home is my haven and I'll do what I want.  Lemme see that.  Are you texting someone?  I read French you know.

Fifteen minutes later the mayor pulls up.  I just got back from my road trip and I heard the fighting.  I haven't heard anything like that since the day I met Abraham Lincoln.  I was being charged with an (unintended) misuse of campaign funds.  By the way, do you know where I can get a good blintz?  I'm starving.

Mr. Mayor, would you please shut up or else we'll have to ask you to leave. 

That music is awful, can you please change the station.

Oh, so now you're telling me what to listen to?  

I'm outta here.

Whatever, dude

Home at last, he pops open a beer while dialing the pizza shop.  A large everything, please.

As for me, I crash on the couch, flip on the TV and watch the shopping channel.  It's the little things, you know.

They are showing the latest fashion in footwear.  Where's the phone?  Wait, I liked the other shoe better.  Last Train to Clarksville is playing in the background.  

There's a noise coming from the back yard...dogs?   Compulsively, I check the door for the umpteenth time.  I know it's absurd, but I can't help it.  What's that Confusius says "Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."

I don't know if that's fact or fiction, or if the outfit is cheesy, or if the shoes will match, and did the mayor ever get his blintz?

This has been a very weird day, and that's why I got drunk.


  1. Awesome post!! Very clever. You could of written that on day one and just reposted 28 times.

  2. Well done, Linda. We took similar approaches today. Sad it's all come to an end, don't you think?

  3. You and Dufus are kindred souls, Linda! :-) I'm so glad you weren't scared off by the last challenge and participated again this time. It's always a pleasure reading your entries.

  4. Great minds like your and dufus think alike! This was a great way to end the challenge!

  5. Love it. Nicely done! Though I now have the Monkees playing in my head...

  6. Hah, very clever and very nicely done, Linda. :)

  7. Linda, this is genius!! Bravo! :)

  8. Absolutely FABULOUS! And congratulations for completing the challenge!

  9. Why oh why didn't I think of this?

    It's been fun blogging with you, Linda. I hope it was good for you, too. Got a light?

  10. The crazy thing is that those early prompts now seem so distant. Nice way to tie it all up :)

  11. Hey Linda, I think it's cruel of you to drag us through all that again! I'm sending you my therapy bill. Okay, okay, you and Nicky can go Dutch. Why does that sound saucy? Indigo x

  12. I'm not sure what the prompts were for this writing, but I can tell it was a fun read:~) I loved the ending.

    Well, take a deep breath and go lie down on the coach with the kitties. You've done a wonderful job with this challenge and now, you get to rest:~)

  13. That was a cute post, Linda. I was smiling the entire time I read it. This makes me nostalgic for those days in February when we were all scrambling to meet our daily deadlines.


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