Sunday, February 3, 2013

How Doth the Time Pass

It is day 3 of the 30 minus 2 days of writing hosted by Nicky and Mike of  We Work For Cheese.  This is written for the prompt "And the next thing I knew".
Time is a funny thing.  Sometimes it passes so slowly you are certain the entire Redwood forest will be petrified before you advance to first in line at the checkout.  The girl with pink hair and enough body piercings to rival a punk rocker gives you a surly look, then calls someone from the cosmetic department to determine whether the brand of lip gloss you are purchasing is actually the one on sale.

What does this have to do with today's prompt you ask?  Well, it is all about how fast or slowly time passes in relation to a particular event.  This challenge was announced on January 12, giving the industrious person ample time to prepare.  I read the prompts and assured myself I would have several posts pre-written  so I wouldn't be always be writing by the seat of my pants.  I mulled, pondered, ruminated, cogitated and ultimately procrastinated.  I've got plenty of time.  Well, time has a way of speeding up at all the wrong times, and the next thing I knew it was January 31.  Oops!  I had nothing, nada, zilch.  So here it is day three, and yep, I'm writing by the seat of my pants...again!

Check out the list on Nicky's post for some good reads.


  1. So tell me, when you write by the seat of your pants how do you hold the pencil? Never mind.

  2. I copy/pasted my first cheese blog...but other than that - I write them the day of the competition. I don't even go to see what the topic is until the day of the competition. It's more challenging for me that way.

  3. I actually managed to write the first three posts in advance. Then, feeling quite smug about it, didn't do anything for the next two weeks. Now, we're all in the same boat. :-)

  4. Just one of the many reasons, I would be awful at a 30 minus 2 challenge. I would be down to the wire and not an idea in sight. I commend you for participating and I like your creativity. Yay for you!!!

  5. Hi Linda .. I signed up for this - but the creative juices as far as short stories hasn't come out in the wash so to speak - so I'll be reading everyone and apologising for not participating ...

    I had written a murder mystery - but it's way too long and I can't reduce it ... so we'll have to go with the flow ... I'll see

    Good for you to stretching yourself .. cheers Hilary

  6. My good intentions to write a few posts ahead of time went all to hell when I found out I have a rather critical writing project to do for work that's due on Valentine's Day. You know... one of those things where if the proposal isn't accepted your job's becoming extinct? So now I'm flying by the seat of my pants too. Which is going to be a little problematic since I might have to make up a few lies to complete the task... in which case the pants which I'm flying on will also be on fire.

  7. nonamedufus- It's really hard, that's why I don't recommend it.

    Mariann Simms- You are far more adventurous/talented than me. I at least have read and considered the topics ahead of time.

    Nicky- Ah, so I am not alone here? Good!

    Cheryl- Well, it's only day 3, and I have not yet resorted to burning the midnight oil to get my post done, though nearly on yesterday's.

    Hilary- The good thing about this challenge is the lack of rules and not having to post every day, although Nicky will call you out if you don't.

    Paula- The best laid plans...right? I understand completely. I had no such excuse. Nevertheless, I'll keep the fire extinguisher handy for you.

  8. You and me both. I had such great hopes of at least writing one post ahead of time. So far I'm got a bout 2 lines of notes.

  9. Like Nicky, I managed to write the first three posts ahead of time, and now, I'm screwed. Stupid laziness always getting the best of me. ;)

  10. Hey Linda, and so say all of us. I loved the photo, tha lass is surly to me too. Tho that might just be my age? Clearly I'm too old to be interesting. Indigo

  11. sometimes writing off the cuff, and flying by the seat of your pants make for the best blog posts!

  12. So far, I've posted once and written nothing. I think I've got this contest in the bag.

  13. It's the only way to blog!

  14. I'd pay cash money to see you write by the seat of your pants.

    Hell, I'd pay cash money just to see the seat of your pants.

    But I'd pay more to see it writing.

  15. And guess what. I didn't write a single thing either! WE HAD TIME! WE DIDN'T USE IT!!

  16. What is "writing ahead of time?" Is there such a thing? I was the last to post today. I kind of like to be last. No one reads the last post. Well, that is depressing. Shit. Guess I will have to try to be one of the first late posters.

  17. There's something to be said for writing with an urgent deadline. Sometimes you flop, but sometimes you bust out with something worth keeping. Long live the procrastinators.

  18. Mike- Ah, you're ahead of me.

    Ziva- Laziness, procrastination...whatever. I keep saying I'll do better.

    laughingmom- January is so long, February kinda sneaks up on you!

    Indigo Roth- She's probably surly to everyone over 20.

    Meleah- I agree, if you're lucky.

    Cheryl- Maybe - if you throw in a few cat pics.

    P.J.- It must be. That's the way it works out for me most of the time.

    MikeWJ- Can't - because then everyone would want to try it.

    Katherine- Yep - ya snooze, ya lose.

    Malisa- Writing ahead of time is not getting up in the morning to look at the prompt and stare woefully at a blank screen. I do try to read all the posts, whether I manage a coherent comment or not.

    KZ- I find some truth in that as I reflect on last June when we suffered through 30 days of this torture. I seldom wrote ahead but never missed a day.

  19. This was a clever use of the prompt. Well done:~)


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