Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Pool Rules

I am randomly participating in the 30 days of photographs hosted by Ziva and MikeWJ.  Go here for the rest of the rules.

Unlike the pool, vacation has no rules.  Just relax and enjoy!


  1. Vacation has no rules...nice.

    Those pool rules are doing their best to put a damper on the fun before it begins.

  2. I could certainly go for a vacation!

  3. My favourite pool rule is "We don't swim in your toilet so please don't pee in our pool".

  4. If I paid good money to stay there, I'll shampoo my hair in that pool if I see fit.

  5. Oh, this brings back memories of Turkey... I need a vacation. Now!

  6. i love vacations. enjoy and break the rules if you wanna.

  7. I always wonder what constitutes "proper bathing attire".

  8. If there's no lifeguard, who enforces the rules?

  9. WOW. I would NOT let my 11 year old swim alone... not so sure about that rule of 10 year olds! :)

    So is it true if you pee in a pool it turns purple?

  10. I love the ambiguity of the rule that says proper bathing attire must be worn. So like in Germany, that means the women can topless. And in Spain, completely naked. Both of which seem very appropriate to me.

  11. This is a good picture. I wonder why they didn't define "proper bathing attire." I mean it is chancy to leave up to the reader:~)

    I hope you're having lots of fun:~)

  12. Cheryl- The only rule might be to relax. It was nice, and we are on our way home.

    Meleah- They are nice. Go for it!

    nonamedufus- That is a nice rule!

    Jamie- Sorry, I don't want soapy suds in my pool.

    Ziva- Turkey? Is there a story here?

    v- I love my vacations, too. Not too much of a rule breaker, though.

    Paula- There's a question.

    laughingmom- The honor system?

    Katherine- I wouldn't either, and I wouldn't know! :)

    MikeMWJ- Maybe, but neither of which I want to see (or be) while while swimming in the pool.

    Sara- It does seem vague, but I think most people who stay there are reasonable enough. We had a great time and are heading home.

  13. There is always a story, Linda. ;)


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