Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Music for a Friend

The Chad Morris Band
Last Friday night we attended a benefit concert and silent auction. Several local bands joined together to help a friend in need, and local artists and businesses donated items to be sold at the silent auction. In addition there were baked goods, and tea (courtesy of Chad's Chai and Tea Company) available for sale. It was an evening of music and fellowship of the community.

When people talk about how bad the world is today it makes me sad.  True, bad things do happen.  They always have and will continue to.  That doesn't make the world bad, or the human race on the whole bad.  What it does do is prove how much good there is in the world and in man kind.
In times of trouble, sickness, natural disaster and tragedy, people come together to help one another.  We saw this first hand Friday night, and we see it time and again - the inherent goodness in people.  There will always be dark nights and troubled times, but the sun always rises, and so do we.

The evening included performances by The Chad Morris Band, Suitcase and Michael Kuehn.

Not exactly quality photographs from the back of the room with my phone.


  1. This is a great thing if the people of the community got together. I just think this happens less and less now, which is too bad. It is nice to see when it does happen though.

  2. It was a great thing. I don't know what other advertising there was beyond Facebook and word of mouth and yet they raised over $8,500.

  3. first I couldn't leave a comment, but then, like magic, the comment box popped up.

    I love your reminder about the 'goodness in people." It is easy to forget this, but it does happen all the world. I'm glad for the money raised and for you sharing your thoughts about this event:~)

  4. Sara- It was a really good event and an amazing amount of money for the size of the crowd.


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