Thursday, June 21, 2012

No Favors

Written for the 30-day creative writing challenge hosted by Nicky and Mike of We Work For Cheese.  Today is the 21st day of crazy-making fun and the prompt is Favors I'd ask of satan.  Check out the Linky at WWFC for more creative exploits.

I am having a real problem with this one, so all I can say is:

Get thee behind me satan.
I don't make deals with the devil, or ask him for favors.  


  1. Me three!

  2. Fair enough, Linda. And good for you. :-)

  3. Right on!! The devil never really hands out favors anyway unless they have a long and sticky chain attached to the favor!!!

    I'll have to review some of the writings I missed!

  4. That's probably a smart move!

  5. Bab- Amen!

    Tami Von Zalez- There's a lot of us on the same page today.

    Nicky- Yeah, this one just didn't work for me.

    Sara- Asking the devil for favors is really barking up the wrong tree.

    P.J.- That's what I think!

  6. We would've also accepted "Do me a favor and LEAVE ME ALONE!"

  7. notactuallygod - That's another good one!

  8. You could try the noncommittal approach and asking Satan for something small, such as a book recommendation. Haven't you ever wondered what books Satan likes to read?


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