Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Side of the Road

Written for the 30-day creative writing challenge hosted by Nicky and Mike of We Work For Cheese.  It is the 27th day of this challenging event, and we are approaching the finish line.  Today's prompt is Side of the Road.  Check out the Linky at WWFC to get on the right side of the road.

My apologies in advance to Katherine.  Her Intervention post inspired this poem. 

Katherine she got smashed
No, I mean she got crashed
Her car that is
I hope it's not trashed

She got smacked from behind
Were they out of their mind
I bet for this screw-up
They'll surely be fined

She came to a halt
From the slamming assault
At the side of the road
It wasn't her fault

Now her neck's in a twist
And her friends did insist
That to the doctor she go
And she did as they wished

With pills he did stuff her
No pain will she suffer
At home she must stay
Until she is tougher


  1. Ah, an ode to Katherine. Well done.

  2. This was hysterical. Not to make fun of Katherine's bad night, but she did what was right!

  3. Love this! And Linda,

    You are right to praise her and I love that you did.
    It was funny how the rhyme in your comment was slid.
    That was tricky, my friend, and adds spunk to this ode.
    And now a rhyme from the next commenter must be bestowed.

  4. Excellent. I envy those who can make a poem up so quickly. Good on you.

  5. Bravo, Linda! Bravo!! Another instance of blogger inspiration... ;-)

  6. Ha! Well done on this! I hope Katherine enjoys it, too!

  7. Babs- Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

    nonamedufus- Thanks, I got the first couple line stuck in my head and had to go with it.

    Linda- I'm glad liked it. I hope no one thought I was making fun of her, because what happened was most definitely not funny.

    Nicki- Thanks. I like your rhyme, too.

    Anon- Thank you!

    Nicky- It seemed fitting, and hopefully lightened up a bad situation just a tad.

    P.J.- Thanks! I hope so too!

  8. I hope poor smashed Katherine heals quickly and well. This had to put a smile on her face, Linda :)


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