Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Image Source: image: ParkeHarrison
During the night something strange has happened to Eli.  He stirs to consciousness only to feel all prickly.  His foggy mind is wondering who put all these sticks in his bed.  As he tries to stand up, sticks stab his bare feet.  Ouch!  What? 

It appears that Eli is standing in a giant bird nest.  This is ridiculous, he thinks.  There is no such thing as giant bird nests, or am I losing my mind? 

As he begins to climb out of his prickly confines, he stops to take a look around, and is startled at what he sees.  Tree tops.  Pines, oaks, etc.  How is it that he is standing in a giant bird nest at the top of a tree?

Oh no, he thought, I'm not standing in a giant bird nest.  It's much worse.  I am six inches tall, standing in a normal bird nest at the top of a tree.  Help!!!

When Eli finally did wake up, he found bits of twigs between his toes and a feather in his hair.

Written for Magpie Tales.


  1. Linda, you captured Eli's confusion perfectly and I love the twigs and feather he finds upon awakening.

  2. This reminds me of a book I read many years ago, called 'Metamorphosis'. The writer wakes in the morning and struggling to get out of bed, realizes that he has changed into a giant beetle during the night.

  3. excellent take- very clever!

  4. I am so pleased your doing the Magpie Tales again. I loved this story. It's so wonderfully quirky and fun.

    At least Eli did wake up and I assume in his own bed.

    Well done. It's sounds your Muse has returned from vacation. YEAH!

  5. A very enjoyable and clever take indeed!

    Anna :o]

  6. Oh snap! Very good job. And now I'm a little scared to go to sleep!

  7. Loved this, Linda! Very smart, a little eerie... exactly the kind of story I love.

  8. Very clever. It's fun to see the different takes folks have on this photo.

  9. Sometimes we have no idea where we spend our nights! Love this!

  10. Talon- Thank you. I wouldn't have wanted to be in his place.

    Babs- That must have been quite a shock. Worse than finding feathers in your hair.

    Kathe W.- Thank you!

    Sue- Thanks!

    Sara- Sometimes the prompts spark a story, sometimes not. Eli did wake up in his own bed, but what really happened?

    hyperCRYPTICal- Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

    Meleah- Glad you liked it. Just keep your windows closed. ;)

    Nicky- Thanks! I like to write the weird stuff.

    Hilary- Thank you. It's fun, and I like to take a different approach.

    Tumblewords- Maybe not, but fortunately I've never woke in a bird nest.

  11. "saw both sides of everything and found he could not move!"- Shawn Mullins"johnny"

  12. Enjoyed the 'Twilight Zone' feeling in your Mag ...

  13. Good job, Linda! I'm starting to itch, just thinking of that nest. I saw this prompt and couldn't come up with a thing. For some reason, I respond better to word prompts than image prompts, but I so admire people who can do these so well. I'll have to keep trying.

    Happy Easter!

  14. Come on, fess up. You lied about the twigs and feathers, didn't you? You did din't you!? OMG... you didn't!
    Can I sleep in your nest.. I mean in your bed Mummy?

  15. Kutamun-Thanks for visiting.

    Helen- I enjoy the weird, too.

    Jayne- I prefer my soft mattress, too. Many times lately the prompts just don't speak to me. This one did. I just posted sort of a sequel to it called "The Princess". I think I'm better with the visuals.

    Stafford- We never know where we go when we sleep, do we?


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