Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Voices Are Silent

Image source: Anuj Kumar Pradham
The voices are silent
Their silence brings
A different kind of agony
No chaos or anger
Only confusion and sadness

The voices are silent
They were my enemies
And strangely my friends
Their silence brings
Truth and despair

There is no freedom
Even with the silence
There is no escaping
Where they made me go
What they made me know

With or without them
I have no self
No peace, only pain
No joy, only misery
No life

Edited to clarify:  This poem was written and posted for dVerse Poetry, and is purely fictional and not reflective of my life.


  1. It is a poignant piece you have painted, a picture of despair and loneliness.

    It is cruel irony that when we know them too often, we miss them when they are gone.

    I trust writing about them will ease the pain and hasten the day arrives when you will not miss them at all.

    Keep writing.


  2. This post has been edited to clarify that this is purely fictional and not actually my life. I wrestled over whether to say that up front, or assume it would be taken as simply creative writing.

    Brian- I know you left a comment since I get email notifications. "i hear you on this...when something has been a part of you for so long it def is missed regardless of what its intensions were"

    I can only use my imagination based on what I've read on the subject, but I would imagine it to be true.

    Jeff- Thank you. I am glad you see the picture I was painting. I have added a clarification to the post to state that this is purely fictional does not reflect on my life.

  3. That is a dark place you write of, Linda, where the inside creates more pain than anything outside ever could.

  4. Hi Linda .. gosh I'm glad I don't suffer this way - pragmatism sets in .. perhaps because I have to deal with my Mama too - but no .. I don't react like this ...

    I hear the pain here .. but have the opposite face always turned in my direction .. hope and optimism in all events - except for that brief period of loss ...

    It's a beautiful poem, so poignant .. but I am so pleased I have a life to live ... the voices remain without ..

    Too sad to contemplate .. cheers Hilary

  5. really glad it's fictional...was already about to send you a really, really big hug through cyberspace...smiles..but think if you can write sth like this you most probably have a heart for people who suffer...and this is wonderful

  6. Talon- Yes, it is, and fortunately I can only imagine it. I know that there are those for whom this is a reality, and it is a sad place to be.

    Hilary- I am with you completely. We are blessed to be without such afflictions. I was not down when I wrote it either, it just flowed out.

    Claudia- Thank you! Thankfully it is entirely fictional, but I'll still accept the cyber hug. While every day isn't perfect, life on the whole is GOOD!

  7. A powerful and good write. So hard for those that suffer like this.

  8. ayala- Thank you! Indeed it is sad and difficult way move through life.

  9. I'm happy this is a fictional piece! You really captured loneliness.

  10. Pretty haunting, internalization at its finest, love it. Thanks

  11. This was moving for me! I wrote about silent secret screams...

    this really was great poetry!


  12. Meleah- Thanks. I'm happy it's just fiction, too.

    Fred Rutherford- Thank you. Glad you like it, and thanks for stopping by.

    ~L- Thank you!

  13. Linda,

    I loved this poem. It was emotionally dark, but very well done. I think it also is true of people who start taking medicine and lose the "voices in their head."

    I've heard they have to be prepared for this because sometimes the voices have become almost friends. You did a great job of capturing this feeling.

    I laughed at your "edit." It is so true...what we write from our creative minds can often be seen as the "truth." I once wrote a story about a woman who killed her dad and a friend who read it called me with great concern...I had to remind her IT'S FICTION!

    Makes you wonder what happened to Stephen King when he first started writing:~) I bet the psychologists lined up at HIS door.

  14. S- Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. I am fortunate not to have those voices whispering inside my head. I only have my muse that shows up now and then with an idea. Fiction is fun because you can experiment with different characters and situations that aren't part of your real world.


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