Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nursery Rhyme Redo: Patty Cake Patty Cake

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Patty cake, patty cake bakers man
Bake me a cake in a jelly roll pan

Patty cake, patty cake bakers wife
Lived in the bakery all her life

Patty cake, patty cake bakers girl
Toss the dough and give it a whirl

Patty cake, patty cake bakers son
Bakes up a real fine honey bun


  1. Hi Linda .. good change up for the patty cake patty cake rhyme ..

    Well done - cheers Hilary

  2. smiles.. this is when are you going to sing it for us.. ? smiles

  3. this is was really cute.

  4. def cute...and has such a playful tilt to it...we just got a new bakery cant wait to try it...

  5. Hilary- Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

    Claudia- You don't want me to ruin it, now do you?

    Quotes- Thank you!

    Brian- There's nothing quite like fresh baked bread is there?

  6. Linda, this was so sweet! And now I've got a hankering for some cake :)

  7. Very clever. I came away with the baker's son having great buns. Works for me! ;)

  8. Patty cake, patty cake Linda rules!
    But all of this cake talk is making me drool. ;)

  9. Delightful and fun. I read this aloud, as I usually do and it made me chuckle. I needed the laugh. So, thank you for that:~)


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