Monday, July 11, 2011

Quote of the Week

Love yourself unconditionally, just as you love those closest to you despite their faults. - Les Brown

Nothing expresses unconditional love as well as the animals with whom we share our homes and our lives.  They love us without reservation, whether we are happy, sad, fat, thin or grouchy.  

We should look at ourselves with acceptance and love just as we do with others instead of wishing we were thinner, prettier, or smarter.  Only in this way can we be all we were meant to be and enjoy life to its fullest.


  1. Linda, you know we are on the same page here!

  2. I work so hard on this. I'm the worst at being kind and acceptable of myself. Luckily my dog, Othello, is very loving and adoring. My hubby was watching me walk around the house Sunday and Othello following from room to room. He said, "It is like you have another appendage." So true.

  3. Linda- But we are working on it, right?

    junebug- I think maybe dogs are more following than cats, but Rosie is very much a mama's boy, and will sometimes follow me, or come and find me. We can learn a lot from our animal friends.

  4. Oh that is so right! If only we could, but unfortunately society has a way of making us feel less worthy than the next person.

  5. Wow. I REALLY needed to hear this today. I was just in the middle of emotionally beating myself up. I think I will STOP doing that now.

  6. We do tend to get caught up on everything that is wrong with ourselves, don't we? I think I'm going to go pet my cat now. :-)

  7. absolutely true. Pity there is always something getting in the way.

    So many are least kind to themselves.

  8. I NEVER love myself enough. I need to remember to love myself as much as I love my children... !

  9. Babs- Yes, we all know that feeling, for whatever reason.

    meleah rebeccah- Hope you're doing better, and not beating yourself up anymore.

    Nicky- We are our own worst enemies in that respect. Yes, let's pet our cats!

    Friko- We should definitely treat ourselves better emotionally.

    Katherine- It seems that it's a hard thing for most of us to do - consistently anyway.

  10. What a great painting to go with that quote.... love them both!

  11. Rosie (the gray one) and Dood are best buds. Actually it is Dood that adores Rosie. But they get do get on quite well...sharing chairs, etc.


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