Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Wrong Number?

I've heard that life's little embarrassing moments make good stories, so here goes.  Fortunately, I was home alone with no witnesses.

I was calling hubby the other day on his Blackberry (company phone) because when he's on the road he uses the GPS on his Droid (personal phone) to navigate.  Apparently it is like some people and can't talk and navigate at the same time.  No problem - I've got the Blackberry number programmed into my cell phone.

I open my contact list, scroll down to his name and click.  I select the number and hit "call".  Doing good.  About that time the home phone rings.  Great!  With the cell phone at one ear, I grab the handset and glance at the caller ID.  It's showing the city and a number which usually means it is someone's cell phone.  I should answer this - it could be a friend calling.  Did I mention I didn't have my glasses on and didn't get the number?  Never mind, it gets better.

I answer the call while waiting for hubby to pick up, and I hear a woman's voice.  This is weird -  I am hearing it through my cell phone.  Oh crap, have I called someone else by mistake?  How embarrassing!  I start to ask who I have called and explain that I was trying to call my husband, and must have gotten the wrong number.  But wait...and this is where it really gets embarrassing...what I am hearing on the cell phone is the same thing I am saying into the other phone.  It turns out the "friend" who's call I answered was me.  I picked our home number instead of hubby's cell number.

Now I talk to myself  frequently;  it just doesn't usually take two phones to do it.

Note to self:  Put on glasses before making phone calls.

Care to share an embarrassing moment?


  1. Been there! Done that! And yes, I felt like an absolute fool!

  2. lol! That's so funny, Linda! It's always great when we're the only witnesses to our own embarassing moments.

    One time, while out walking the dogs on a particularly windy day when I had to keep my head down so I could see, I bumped into something. Thinking immediately it was a person, I said, "Oh! I'm so sorry!" It wasn't a person at all - but a telephone post - lol!

  3. Hi Linda .. that's classic .. gosh I can see you crying with laughter afterwards .. and not able to talk at all or call your hubby ..

    I know I've done some crazy things .. but at this moment can't think .. unlike Talon I try to keep my head up! Crazy world we create for each other ..

    Fun - thanks .. Hilary

  4. Linda- I did feel a tad foolish. Glad I'm not alone!

    Talon- Yeah, but we go and tell anyway. I laughed at the thought of you apologizing to a phone pole. It's like when I apologize to my hubby for kicking him under the table and it turns out to be the table leg.

    Hilary- What's there to do but laugh at ourselves. Some of my best laughs are on me!

  5. I've actually done this and then was surprised that I did it.

  6. I'm going without leaving a comment! Too embarrassing for words!

  7. Hihihihihi! I do things like that all the tiime...unfortunately, I never seem to be alone when I do them!

  8. Jen- It's apparently not so hard to do.

    Stafford- Ah, but you did!

    Nicky- That does make them more embarrassing, but still funny.

  9. That is hilarious!!!! I've done some silly things like that.

    One time I called my grandma and when she answered her phone she sounded really far off. We were both shouting "hello?". Finally I heard some rustling and then a clear "hello?" She had answered the phone upside down. It was so funny.

  10. Don't feel bad, Linda. Technology is rendering all of us fools. It's a conspiracy. ;)

  11. junebug- I do weird things to our programs when I get the TV/DVD remotes upside
    down. ;)

    Jayne- Maybe, but I don't want to give it up either. ;)

  12. OMG I just got a blackberry, which I needed, but declares my ineptitude on a daily basis. I can check email and text on it, but making calls with my bluetooth can get really dicey. And God knows how many times I accidentally call someone in the course of a given day. Thanks for sharing. It's good to know I'm not alone.

  13. haha! Well, honestly, on most days I'd rather talk to myself than my husband. You need to give us a step by step of this little trick.

  14. June O'Hara- You're definitely not alone. I don't have one of those "smart" phones yet. Still using my flip.

    Sandra- Sorry, totally an accident. I was in a rush to catch up with him between the airport and his job site.

  15. Ahahahaha!! Oh, that's just too funny. You've taken talking to yourself to a whole new level!


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