Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Did She Really Ask That?

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Back before hubby and I were married we went to visit some of his old friends, a get together held in the home of one of the guys.  The location - a former slave cabin...deep in the South Carolina.  No, it wasn't creepy, just different

I was a little nervous about meeting these particular friends because I wasn't the super outgoing, confident woman I am today [wink], and they were all super brains, you know the kind who can make you feel inadequate just by looking at you.  Did I mention they were musicians, too?  I felt a bit  like a goldfish who had just flopped out of his bowl - can someone give me a hand here?

However, this is what really made it  different.   Would you like fries with that?  Can I buy you a drink?  These are normal questions asked by strangers.  Upon our arrival, and at the point where one would be escorted inside and offered a drink, our hostess asked?  "Would you like to use the bathroom?"  

Pause.  What?  Um- maybe later, but I will take a jumbo-sized margarita if you have one...thanks!  No, I didn't say that...I just accepted her unique hospitality.

What was even more strange than the question, though, was the facility itself.  It was separated from the rest of  the room by a curtain.  Just a curtain to flap in the breeze.  No door, no lock for privacy, just a curtain.  Hubby-to-be  stood guard.  That was our first and last such get together.

Got a "strange" story to share?


  1. OH nooo! What if you had to "number two?" I would have died!

  2. Oh my word! A curtain? I would have used a cork!

  3. I would have rather gone in the bush!!

  4. Who asks that?

    I once went into a ladies room and found two open stalls without doors to them, just a partition. I freaked and for a second, I thought I walked into the wrong bathroom. I mean, it looked so odd to walk into a public restroom and see the toilets straight away. I had to laugh later, though, cuz I saw two women walk into the same bathroom (I wasn't being a stalker - the restroom was directly across from the bar where I was sitting) and come back out & check the sign. Lol!

  5. Katherine- Fortunately that wasn't the case!

    Babs- I've seen curtains in stalls in public places like very casual restaurants, etc. but in someone's home?

    Nicky- I've done that, actually, but not then.

    Marla- It was a first (and only) for me. In some of the parks around here you see restrooms with two toilets, one in a stall with a door, and one just out in the open. Who designs these places?

  6. Hi Linda .. personally I'd have been grateful - because that's usually my first question to the hosts - where's the loo?! Though I might have been somewhat surprised ..

    I think I'll leave my stories where they are .. in the recesses of my mind!

    Cheers - Hilary PS I can see why you never met up again though!

  7. Hilary- It's always nice to know where the facilities are, but I thought it was an unusual question to ask upfront.


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