Friday, April 8, 2011

Tommy's Treat

Photo credit: Pietroizzo
Black, white and tan, it wriggles and whimpers.  Where's mama?  Mounds of squirming legs, small wet noses sniffing out breakfast.  Mama rolls over and breakfast is served.  Day after day,the furry bundles grow, skittering around, chewing everything in sight.  

Little Tommy points to the one with a black patch over one eye.  He's mine!

This was posted for Friday Flash 55.
Little Tommy finally got his puppy.


  1. aww....i so want a hound dog pup for my boys...

  2. My son had a Beagle named Becky.
    Sweet doggies.
    Little Tommie will Love him
    Loved your canine 55!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  3. Awww! Puppies! Lucky little boy!

    So sweet, Linda! I loved it!

  4. Hi Linda .. great post - they are just so soft and floppy at this age - lucky Tommy! Cheers Hilary

  5. Puppies. So cute and so much work.

  6. I'm such a sucker for puppies! Awww! :)

    Cute 55, Linda!

  7. Brian- Maybe there's a birthday coming up? Every kid needs a pet.

    G-Man- I'm a cat person, but puppies, like kittens are adorable. Some neighbors had beagles once. They loved to howl with sirens.

    Talon- Doesn't every boy want a puppy?

    Hilary- Most all baby animals are cute, aren't they?

    Monkey Man- Yep, I puppy-sat for a friend once. 'Twas a long night.

    Eric- Likewise me with kitties.

  8. what an adorable pup! I can imagine him gnawing at everything :)

  9. Puppies, puppies everywhere
    under feet and in one's hair.
    Each a wriggling jiggling joy.
    And one just perfect for a boy.

    Hey! I just wrote that here and now. See what you inspire, dear Linda!?!! Thanks.


  10. They're so cute when they're little, aren't they? And so are puppies :-)

  11. that is the cutest puppy - ever!

  12. Mona- He is cute, isn't he.

    Mama Zen- I second that!

    Jannie- What an excellent poem right off the top of your head. You didn't know that's where they come from did you?

    Nicky- All the little animals are cute.

    melean rebeccah- Snuggles!

  13. A PUPPY A PUPPY A PUPPY!! I want a puppy!!!! Of course my Emma might think it is a chew toy? So no, no puppy. But I can look at your picture and pretend!

  14. Well,I bet you could guess that I'd really like this 55!!! What a sweet description of puppy life. It's perfect and I love the ending:~)

  15. Puppy breath! If someone could come up with a perfume that smelled like it they'd make a fortune. What an adorable little face!

  16. Wow, I gotta sniff me some puppy breath. It must be better than cat breath. He is a cutie isn't he?


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