Monday, April 25, 2011

Quote of the Week

Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.  
- John Muir

Nature and it's wonder is all around us.  From the forests and valleys to the highest peaks, from the deserts to the oceans, we experience one continuous cycle of life.

Last week we celebrated Earth Day with our focus on preserving our natural resources.  Let's make every day, Earth Day!


  1. A beautiful quote, Linda. We are connected to everything, though I think we so often forget it.

  2. Pointing out our connections to nature is awesome. We tend to forget that!

  3. I went to my brother's house for Easter yesterday and I haven't felt like such a city girl! He's on 20 acres of hills and trees and nature. It looked like a campground out there.

  4. Nice message Linda. While I think Earth Day is a good thing, in theory, to increase awareness, it just seems people forget very quickly and don't follow through once the day is over.

  5. Talon- Thank you! It is good to be reminded of what we have, and to protect it.

    Linda- It is sad that such things get taken for granted.

    Margaret- That sounds like my kind of place, and an awesome holiday.

    Nicky- I agree, but maybe for every 10 people who forgets, a couple remember. My largest effort is recycling - every week.

  6. Linda,

    I agree with Talon...we are connected and if take care of what gives care to us; the benefits will multiply.

    Thanks for this quote:~)

  7. I really need to get more connected with nature.

  8. I find so much peace when the sun shines down on me... whether I am here or in Corolla... I hate being stuck inside in the winter with no sun nearby... the first day the sun hits my face and brings warmth I feel myself again.

    Sorry I've been away... I've been pretty unplugged between school/Easter/work!

  9. Sara- We do need to take care of what we have or else....

    meleah rebeccah- It's a simple as a picnic in the park!

    Katherine- There is something magical about the sun on one's face, so long as you don't get burned. ;)

  10. Looks like we're kind of on the same wave length today.


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