Monday, April 4, 2011

Quote of the Week

This was taken at the Museum at the Monticello Visitor's Center
...the wise which directs us to try all things & hold fast that which is good.  - Thomas Jefferson

Do not be afraid to try new things; you never know what you may miss out on when you pass up an opportunity.  Many good things emerge through experimentation.


  1. Thomas Jefferson was a wise man. This is a great quote, Linda. Thank you!

  2. I need to STOP being so scared to try new things.

  3. I'm kind of with meleah. I used to scared and now I just jump into things, sometimes before thinking. However, I do think that "good things emerge through experimentation."

  4. I'm all for trying new things. Sometimes, I should hesitate, but I'm too bold for that!

  5. Talon- He was indeed. One day we plan to go back and tour Monticello.

    meleah rebeccah- I second that! It's not always easy, though.

    Sara- I used to be like that, too, but life is full of pleasant surprises if you just give them a chance.

    Linda- Surely you jest.;) There's nothing wrong with a little boldness - you never have the regret of I wish I had done this or that.

  6. Good advice. The same might be said about revisiting some old things.


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