Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Bacon to the Rescue

We decided to remodel the bathroom at my parents' house.  The house was built in 1959, and much of it remains original.  In those days, many walls were made of plaster instead of drywall.  What we found when hubby opened the wall around the faucets was that the plaster had become not much more than dust, and the grout was all that was holding the tile in place.

Remodeling can be hazardous work, especially on 50-year old plumbing.  In the process of removing the old faucets, tile and grout, hubby sustained an injury to his finger and a shard of grout was the culprit.

I wasn't there when it happened, and when I called to see when he was coming home for dinner, that's when he told me he had cut his finger.  I was ready to rush over with first aid supplies, but he insisted it would be fine.  Thanks to Kathy at The Junk Drawer, I was waiting with just the thing to soothe his injured finger; it was bacon band aids to the rescue.


  1. Hi Linda .. I can imagine old house wall innards .. I nearly had a fit when I altered my house (no longer there) a few years ago .. just slats and rubble!! Common place I gather .. but a bit of a shock - I'm quite glad I'm gone!

    The bacon looks revolting .. yugh - plaster ones too ...

    Put me off now .. cheers Hilary

  2. I love the bacon band aid! What a job! Dang!

  3. Oh man, remodeling is a nightmare. But, I sure do love Kathy's bacon band-aids. Good to know they helped your hubby!

  4. I LOVE cool band-aids... we had the bacon ones - I think my brother sent them to me one Christmas. Every time I fixed the pc in the blood draw lab at work I was "allowed" to go through the band-aid collection and pick a few. Remodeling just ASKS for bacon, don't you think?!

  5. Bacon - it's not just breakfast food! Who knew?

    To be honest, when I first looked at the bacon shot, I thought he'd lost his fingertip!

  6. Wow! Hope you're going to show the "after" pictures of the remodel! And, of course, hubby's battle scars :-)

  7. Hilary- Sorry to have grossed you out with the picture. We do have regular band aids, but these were special.

    Linda- It will be a job, and the band aids are definitely attention getting.

    meleah rebeccah- They're great. I never knew you could get such things.

    Katherine- Doesn't bacon fix everything?

    Talon- Yeah, you can get just about anything these days, especially on-line. Sorry about the gross factor. It would have been better around the finger instead of over the end, but hey, he could have chosen the eyeballs. ;)

    Nicky- There will be a lot of pictures and probably another post or two to document the process. I don't know about the scars...

  8. Bacon bandaids! I remember this site I came across once -- selling everything bacon!! Anything and everything from shoes, to clothes to knick knacks to -- you name it!

    Hope he is better now.

    And have FUN on the remodel!! :)


  9. Bacon makes all boo-boos feel better. It's in the Bible.

    I'm glad they came in handy. Got a big smile on my face right now.

    @ Jannie -- I own bacon sneakers! They are almost too awesome to wear. Only for special occasions.

  10. Jannie- Bacon rules! Just ask Kathy - see her comment below.

    Kathy- Yep, bacon is nearly a religious experience. ;) Are you bringing them to the conference?

  11. I can bring some! Good idea! I'll make a note.

  12. Jim (Linda's DH)3/11/2011 08:56:00 PM

    The bandage did look kinda gross the way it went on. I waved at a friend: "Look what I did!" He looked, made a face, and backed up two steps: "Ugh! What did you do?" I loved that reaction...

    @Kathy -- when they first got here, in my excitement, I used my sharpest knife to open the package, but did not get to use one right then. I was so disappointed!

  13. Jim- As always, thanks for reading my stuff, and encouraging me every day.


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