Friday, February 25, 2011

An Early Arrival

The wind carries fragile seeds far away from the mother plant to gently land and take root in the rich soil.  Spring arrives and the sun, in all its warmth, forces the seeds to sprout.  Soon another generation has begun as blossoms of yellow dot the landscape.  For good or ill, so grows the dandelion.

Photo Credit:  John Charlton
Written for Friday Flash 55.


  1. I know they get a bad rap, but they are really very lovely. I can't wait to see some dotting the garden here, Linda!

    This made me feel summer for a moment, Linda. Thank you. So needed on this snowy morning!

  2. I've also given props to the lowly dandelion a few times on my blogs.

    Nice 55! And the pic reminds me that Spring is coming! :)

  3. So pretty. With all our rain this year, our spring wildflowers are going to be amazing. Can't wait to see them. Pretty photo.

  4. actually i like dandelions...just a splash of color...and i cant wait until spring...

  5. I'm so ready for spring that I'll welcome the dandelions!

    Lovely 55!

  6. Linda....?
    This idyllic scene is on hold for a few more weeks!
    Lovely 55 though....
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End.

  7. Love the dandelion and love your spring time ff55 soothing photo.

    The dandelion brings back many lovely memories of my youth.


  8. I've always had one or another of my kids bringing me dandelions as a gift. Because of the sentiment, they've become my favourite flower. Lovely picture, and lovely post :-)

  9. Hi Linda .. isn't it great when things pop up and green life starts again with all those rainbow colours in between ..

    You can tell the time from Dandelions .. Dandelion wine .. and I'm sure the leaves are a great veg ..

    It's a beneficial but unappreciated weed .. and it flowers to give us the yellow sun all over our lawns, side walks (gosh I've gone American!) and uncultivated patches of land ..

    Cheers - Hilary

  10. I LOVE them. I have picked them with three kids, made necklaces, crowns and blew on them while making wishes. And our guinea pigs? They LOVE them!

  11. Talon- I'm glad I could warm up your morning! My Mom spent a great deal of time digging them out of the yard.

    Eric- Thanks. Spring IS coming!

    Jayne- Thanks, wish I could take credit for the picture, but alas no dandelion pics in my files. If you have a lot of wildflowers, maybe you can post some pics?

    Brian Miller- I guess they are pretty, just not in the yard.

    Mama Zen- I'm ready for Spring, too, although I can't say it's been a really bad winter here. Last winter was worse for us.

    G-Man- They haven't sprouted here yet, either, but real soon now. It's been much warmer lately.

    joanny- Spring is a happy time, isn't it? Renewal after the browns of Winter.

    Nicky- Sounds like you've made some nice memories.

    Hilary- When the browns of Winter turn green in Spring it's a lovely thing. So what makes you say you've "gone American"?

    Katherine- More memories. I didn't blow on them...much, because it spread the seeds, and Mom didn't like them in the yard.

  12. Hi Linda .. "side-walks" .. we'd use pavements, paths .. ?"

    Cheers H

  13. Hilary- thanks for clarifying that. It is so interesting connecting with folks from other areas and countries, and learning about our differences and similarities. Blogging is great!

  14. Awww... I like this sweet ode to the dandelions... they might be weeds or unwanted to some... but they sure are the harbingers of Spring..aren't they now?

    Enjoyed your lovely 55, Linda..

  15. Kavita- When dandelions show up Spring isn't far behind. I am so ready for it.

  16. Linda,

    Great writing for the Friday Flash 55.

    Personally, I love dandelions. I think they are the most persistent flower I've ever seen. They seems to grow everywhere and emerge with determination as Spring is just venturing out.

    I love your writing. Keep it up:~)

  17. Thank you Sara.

    However pretty, dandelions were always "weeds" in our yard. They do seem to lead Spring out from under the blanket of Winter.


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