Monday, September 6, 2010

Quote of the Week

Painting by Moritz Daniel Oppenheim

Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth. 
- Ludwig Börne

Illusions are often deeper and on a more personal level, so their loss is more of a life lesson than that of a truth  found through searching.


  1. Interesting quote, Linda. Thought-provoking!

  2. having illusions is not such a terrible thing, except when you don't know that they are illusions.

    perhaps I'm talking nonsense, I seem to be changing the definition of the word 'illusion', but I like the idea of being able to have them yet 'have no illusions about them'.

    To make up for this ramble I am following you.

  3. A very profound quote, and very wise. Often truth is hidden behind fantasy, lost in illusion. The task is in finding it.

  4. ...And though it's hard to admit... I completely agree.

  5. Talon- I thought it was too.

    Friko- Thanks for reading, and for the follow.

    Sam Liu- I agree!

    VetTech- Maybe, but sometimes it's all we have.

    Dulce- Hi, thanks for reading.

  6. I had to really think that one out... very VERY profound!

  7. Very profound indeed and considering I just came from Babs, very apropos.

  8. Your quote-quotes are better and better. This one is really powerful and I do agree.

    I've fought tooth and nail to keep some of my illusions, only to discover I didn't really need them. You are right about "their loss being more like a life lesson..."

  9. Katherine- The good ones are the ones that make you think.

    Jen- Yes, it is profound, and made me think, too.

    Sara- Thank you. It's interesting where you find those life lessons sometimes.

  10. Wow, Linda.

    This *is* powerful. It's really like... the illusion just covers up the truth. Losing the illusion empowers you on so many levels. Thanks for sharing this quote.

  11. Davina, Hi. I am so glad you liked it.


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