Friday, July 30, 2010

Through the Door

Photo courtesy of Magpie Tales
An old door with
Weathered wood and
Peeling paint
Aged and pitted
The lock
Cranky and stiff
Accepts the key and
Slowly opens
Beyond the walls
Lay hidden a garden
Long neglected and
But for a single
Yellow rose

Written for Magpie Tales #25


  1. vivid descriptions.
    loved the focus and simplicity in this piece.

  2. single garden with yellow rose,,, love your style, simple but elegant

  3. Wonderfully descriptive...and the yellow rose makes it beautifully mysterious!

  4. Lovely with the yellow rose keeping the mystery of past live ..still living there...nice piece..bkm

  5. Linda,

    I agree with everyone who's commented so far...this is really good.

    I like the picture and how you used it in your writing. I also enjoyed how slowly led us to the unlocking of the door and the hidden garden with it's single yellow rose.

    Well done:~)

  6. This was great- I love the door into the secret garden!

  7. absolutely beautiful and loved all the textrues you added in the description leading up to the most beautiul yellow rose...smiles.

  8. In 14 lines, you utterly transported me to that garden. Your descriptions were so alive, so real, one could really live the world you had created. And the image of that single yellow rose, alone in that vast and overgrown garden - so beautiful, so poignant and so profound.

  9. a very nice, simple poem. I love it!

  10. How lovely... a single yellow rose... I have a single yellow rose tattooed on my forearm as a memorial to my mom, they were her favorite flowers. I love how you moved from the lock to the garden and rose...

  11. I love your words - so beautiful.

  12. Jingle- Thank you.

    swputh- Thank you. I love yellow roses.

    Talon- Thank you. One thing about my poems, I don't always know where I'm going until I get there.

    signedbkm- Thank you. I guess there is an air of mystery surrounding the single rose.

    Sara- Thank you. In New Orleans we would see walls and gates that looked old and weathered, and we speculated on what was inside. Inside one there was a nightspot of some sort. That's what the hidden garden reminds me of.

    kathew- Thank you. I always wonder what's on the other side.

    Brian Miller- Thank you. The weathered wood and peeling paint were the basis for this.

    Berowne- Thank you.

    Sam Liu- I am glad I could paint so vivid a picture in so few words.

    Gabriela Abalo- Thank you.

    Diane- I love the yellow roses, too.

    Marilyn- Thank you.

  13. The Secret Garden? I loved that book as a kid. Perfect.

  14. You have composed a lovely Magpie ~ Yellow Rose worthy!!!!

  15. I was there with the old door, key in hand, slowly teasing it to turn and unlock its treasures...really created the image for me, thanks.

    Enjoy the journey.


  16. Ooo, conjures images of the Secret Garden! Lovely.

  17. Great writing, with a simple yet amazing ending that just ends the piece beautifully. thankyou :)

  18. A lovely, lovely Magpie! Well done!

  19. A bit of mystery..and then a rose...very nice!

  20. Oh beautiful! Loved the single yellow rose...

  21. Very nice imagery. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

  22. Before I wrote anything I thought of The Secret Garden. I'm glad someone went with this. Very nice.

  23. Jen- Several people have mentioned The Secret Garden. I can honestly say that any similarity is totally coincidence. I have never read it - actually never heard of it. Apparently it is a classic. I read the wikipedia summary and it does sound like something I would have liked.

    Helen- Thank you.

    Mandy Allen- Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

    Willow- Thank you. Like I said to Jen, I've never read it.

    Sezaaay- Thank you.

    RA- Thank you.

    Lyn- Thank you, glad you liked it.

    Ruth- Thank you.

    Angel May- Thank you.

    Tattered and Lost- Thank you. Yet another reference to The Secret Garden. Now I wish I had read this.

  24. Love the image you created! It's just begging for a story.

  25. Tumblewords- Thank you.

    Jennifer- Thanks, just wait and see.


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