Friday, June 4, 2010

I Sing No More

My songs are scattered
From shore to distant shore
Here I stand - alone

My dreams are shattered
I am done - I sing no more
I have turned to stone

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  1. I love what you wrote. This particular image has really brought out some wonderful words from everyone.

  2. This is lovely; you have captured the image of the bust beautifully.

    CJ xx

  3. very well done, with few words...enjoyed....bkm

  4. Seems your words should be engraved on a plaque below the bust....give her a name and make her real!

    - Dina

  5. I hadn't thought she was singing - but I see it now

  6. That was neat! It does look like she's singing...

  7. shattered dreams and scattered songs so she has turned to stone!

    I LOVE it!


  8. Brilliant, simply brilliant! :)

  9. Kathe- Thank you. There were some interesting stories and poems, and we all had a different take on it.

    Crystal- Thank you.

    soulintention- Thank you. Short and sweet!

    mypoeticlicense- Thank you.

    Kimmie- Some saw happiness, some saw fright. I saw singing. That's was make these so interesting. They are all interpretive.

    Talon- Thank you. These are fun challenges, and a good exercise in writing.

    Gabriela- Thank you.

    RA - Thank you!

  10. I like it! It is as if she has steeled herself against the world, turned herself to stone to stop being hurt by scattered songs and shattered dreams. Then again, it could be she has just given up...

  11. Simple ~ and simply wonderful!!!

  12. I like this - it works. It's a startling take on the picture which at first glance I read as happiness, then I saw the singing, and now, as I write this, I see fear.

    It's no mean feat to get me think about a picture, rather than just to take it at face value.

  13. Short and to the point. Well done. Well said. Very enjoyable.

  14. I love the concise nature of this - her world in few words. Beautiful.

  15. great personification of the stone bust.
    nice magpie!

  16. Aoife.Troxel- Thanks. There are many different stories, and of those stories, many different interpretations of each one.

    Helen- Thank you.

    DH- Thank you! I am so glad you like it.

    C.Hummel- Thank you

    Tumblewords- Thank you. Aside from her songs, she was a woman of few words.

    Everyday Goddess- Thank you.

  17. Beautiful, yet incredibly sad.

  18. It's always sad when the music ends, Nice take on the prompt.

  19. oh but i hope the sun warms you to song once more...nice magpie!

  20. Lovely. Your Magpie is beautiful.

  21. sad, beautifully sealed...
    thank you for the talent!

  22. Willow- Thank you.

    Vicki Lane- Thank you.

    Spacedlaw- Thank you.

    Brian Miller- nice sentiment. Thanks.

    Alexis- Thank you.

    Jingle- Thank you for your kind words.

  23. Simple but so effective - and that's not always an easy thing to do! Well written!

  24. Linda,

    Very nicely done:~) Your poetry is wonderful and I'm so pleased you are sharing it more often now.

    This one fits the picture the perfectly. Wow:~)

  25. I like this! From shore to shore, indeed.

  26. That is truly beautiful. You are a wonderful poet Linda, and it's no wonder you are so proud of this post.

  27. Lena, Sara and Brenda - Thank you! So sorry I didn't see these when they first appeared. I appreciate all my readers and their comments.

    Nicky- Thank you so much! Sometimes the simple things are the best!


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