Friday, February 5, 2010

Is the Eggo Shortage Affecting You?

A while back I started seeing signs in the grocery stores about a shortage of Eggos.  I hadn't noticed, nor had I seen anything in the paper.  Now I don't read the paper word for word, cover to cover, but you'd think I would have seen the Eggo thing. Oh well.  We do eat Eggos, but we'd been getting them from Costco in the 60-count box, and up until the last month they had a good supply.  Now our supply was cut off.  I found a few boxes in the grocery stores for the outrageous sum of $4.99 for a "family-sized" box of maybe 16-20.  We pay $6-7 for the big box.

We decided to try the Kirkland brand 60-count waffles that Costco had as a replacement for Eggos.  Now we're getting to the heart of this post.  We had two Eggos left so we opened the Kirklands and did a side-by-side taste/texture test.  They are two completely different products.  The Kirklands, in taste and texture, are more like homemade waffles, but drier and less flavorful.  The Eggos, to me, have never been really waffle-like, so I eat them like toast, with just butter.  OK, laugh at me, but that's what I've always done, and I like them that way.  The Kirklands are not that great that way, so I do the butter/syrup thing  The problem is that I make homemade waffles every Sunday morning which we eat with butter and syrup, and thus it is just more of the same.  This doesn't affect my DH, though.  He always eats Eggos that way.  The weirdness is all me. 

Here is an excerpt from the Eggos website about the situation and the outlook on getting Eggos back on the shelves:

Kellogg Company recently experienced supply constraints caused by flood damage at our bakery in Atlanta. In addition, we’ve been making significant equipment enhancements and repairs in our largest waffle bakery. Unfortunately, this is taking longer than anticipated.

The Eggo™ team is working around the clock to bring everyone’s favorite waffles back to store shelves as quickly as possible. We hope to regain full distribution of Eggo® products by the middle of 2010. This is a top priority for Kellogg Company.

Click here to receive periodic updates from the Eggo® brand about your favorite products, including news about when they will be back on shelf, or for more information, call 866-971-3320. Thank you for your patience during this time, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Don't get me wrong, both are good products, I just enjoy them in different ways, so yes, the Eggo shortage is affecting me.  How about you?  Is it affecting you, and what you are buying in place of Eggos. 

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