Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

I am reposting this from last year for those who may have missed it.  Since Valentine's day falls on Monday, I am including  my "Valentine" Quote of the Week.

Loving is not just looking at each other,  it's looking in the same direction.  - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Wind, Sand, and Stars, 1939

Is it real, or is it Hallmark?  There are those who think that Valentine's Day is just the creation of greeting card companies as another occasion to buy and send cards.  Florists also do a booming business, and what about candy?  All those heart-shaped boxes with ribbons and bows filled with delectable morsels trying desperately to attach themselves to our thighs.  Woe unto ye who forgets this day!

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However, while cards, flowers and candy dominate this seemingly invented holiday, according to various historical accounts, there really was a St. Valentine who was believed to be a martyred priest.  He was said to have been caught marrying Christian couples.  At that time, about 270 AD, Christians were being persecuted by the Roman Emperor, Claudius II, and helping them was considered a crime.  Thus, Valentine was imprisoned.  However, the Emperor liked Valentine, that is right up until he tried to convert him.  For this, Valentine was beaten and stoned, and when that didn't kill him, he was beheaded.

Another version tells that he was beheaded for refusing to deny Christ before the Roman Emperor.  Validity of these stories aside, St. Valentine is listed in the Martyrology, which is the Catholic Church's list of Saints.

Now why did this come to be celebrated as a romantic day?  One account states that Valentine fell in love with a girl, possibly the jailor's daughter, and before his death he wrote her a love letter that he signed "from your Valentine", a phrase that is still used today.  So in honor of St. Valentine, we send cards, flowers and candy to show our love for that special someone in our life.

So where do you stand?  History or historical fiction?  Stay tuned for more thoughts on Valentine's Day and a special recipe.

Now I leave you with another special Valentine thought.

Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart.  - Author Unknown


  1. I love the quotes - they're perfect for the day, Linda.

    To me, showing love is an all-year thing - so much pressure put on one little day!

  2. I agree with TALON. I mean, shouldn't every day be Valentine's Day?

    No, you're right, it shouldn't. Because no one should be allowed to eat that much chocolate.

  3. Happy Valentines Day, Linda! I like the quotes. I'm sort of thinking the Valentine thing is a myth. But I like it.

  4. I like the historical explanation for Valentine's Day. It takes the edge off my bitterness as being singled out for receiving nothing because... well... I'm single. ;)

    And the quote are lovely.

  5. The Antoine de Saint-Exupéry quote is one of my favorites.

    Lovely post...My belief is that every day should be Valentine's. If we need a day to remind us to tell someone we love them, then something is wrong.

    "Happiness is waking in the morning to look into the eyes of Love." (I said that.)

  6. The thought of St. Valentine having his head chopped off for Christ is an interesting image, for sure. It makes him seem a tad edgier.

    *disappears in a poof of red smoke as she is ushered straight to Hell*

  7. Linda,

    I loved the story of St.'s a bit sad, but then love can be that way also sometimes.

    It is interesting how so many of our events/holidays go back to early religious beliefs.

    I really enjoyed the quotes.


  8. Yeah, I heard the last tale about passing the note "from your Valentine". Whatever the origin, I kind of like the occasion. It's the one day of the year I can plan on having, um, you know.

  9. Talon- We should our love throughout the year, but a day of special focus is kind of nice, too.

    Margaret- No, too much chocolate is definitely not good, well it is but it's not.

    Linda- Truth or fiction? I don't know, but I like it too.

    Jayne- So glad to take some of the sting out of the day. Just enjoy yourself your way...just because.

    Linda- I like your "quote" too!

    cardiogirl- Beheading is definitely edgy, I'll agree.

    Sara- Tis sad for him to come to such an end, and yes, many holidays have religious history.

    nonamedufus- Chocolate?


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