Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yogurt...Good and Good For You?

OK, today we're going on a little trip, a health trip that is.  Are you a fan of yogurt?  The regular stuff that has been around for years or the new, supposedly more healthy versions such as Activia or Dan Active yogurt drink?  I don't always jump on any new bandwagon that happens along, but lately, I thought what the heck, let's give it a try, since we eat yogurt anyway.   So now what to choose?

Activia is supposed to be good for your digestive health.  They even have a money-back guarantee of up to about $12, if it doesn't work for you.  Yoplait has their own version called Yo-Plus, and they are offering free Yo-plus for switching from Activia (receipt, completed form and UPC required).  Activia comes in a variety of flavors, a light version and a drinkable yogurt.

Dan Active claims to help support your immune system.  This product is a drinkable yogurt that comes in a variety of flavors (some in light).  Do any of these do all that they claim?  Check out their websites, do your research and come to your own conclusions.

I read about both products, and regularly purchase both.  Will it make a difference in our overall health, I don't know, but I figure they won't do any harm, and I still get calcium and the good bacteria that we've know for years are good for us.  These fancy new products are more expensive, but with sales and coupons you can still get a reasonably good deal.  Also, Costco has Activia and Dan Active in bulk packaging.  There is yet another way to score a deal on all things Dannon.  They have a program called Dannonomics where you buy products, mail in receipts and completed form and receive dollars off coupons.  The coupons you get are based on the quantity and variety of items purchased.  The program continues through December 31, 2009, so save your receipts, download the form and get up to $15 in coupons.

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