Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Target "Manufacturer" Coupons...Not Really

Target has issued "manufacturer" coupons with their logo on them, so which are they?  Coupons issued by the manufacturer to be used anywhere or store coupons useable only at Target?  Didn't they used to say "Target" at the top and not "manufacturer", and you could use them with  manufacturer coupons on the same item.  I printed some the other day and one said Target Web Coupon (which I understand to be used only at Target) and the other two said "manufacturer" which I assumed I could use anywhere. 

I used the one for Purina Cat Chow at PetSmart, and the cashier didn't even blink.  Today I tried to use the $5 off 4 Kellogg's cereal at Wal-Mart, and argued up and down with two cashiers that it was a manufacturer's coupon and not Target-specific even though it had the Target logo on it.  That was all they could see, and said they were told not to take coupons with other store names or logos.  They wouldn't even scan it to see if it would work.  I gave up and told her if I wasn't able to use the coupon, I wasn't buying the cereal.

The point is that a store-specific coupon should not say "manufacturer" on it if you can only use it at that store, and that a true manufacturer coupon should be valid any place that accepts coupons.

Anyone care to share their experiences?

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